Apr 4th, 2024 | In the News


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Tom excellent episode. i do agree with your point of view.

fast food is bad for me and i have stopped going to eat in those types of places. the prices are way to expensive and the quality of the food is bad. i can remember the year 1995 is when i got my very first job working at a burger king joint and my hourly pay was $7.75 per hour and at the time i was happy to get it. i remember working there before l i had my drivers license then i left that terrible job for better work after i finally got it.

$20 dollars and hour is the new $8.50 per hour now wow.

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ppl need to get off their lazy asses and learn to cook. It ain't that hard, and can even be fun. If you're working mega hours and have little time, I get it. But there are ways to make good healthy (and way less expensive) food with not that much time. Trader Joes has excellent frozen food entrees that are not that expensive and are really good. a bowl and a microwave is all you need. Instead, people eat drug food ( fast food) which ain't really food - for reference here's a throwback watch "Super Size Me" and see how addictive this crap is. Maybe it will cost more to pay these wages but if people eat way less crap as a result maybe health care costs won't go up as fast.