Money Podcast

Money Podcast

IT'S 2023! HOW'S YOUR MONEY? Tom's is doing great. This will be a crazy year. Are you ready?


SHOULD A BOYFRIEND PAY HIS GIRL'S MEDICAL AND CREDIT CARD DEBT? His girlfriend owes over $200,000 in medical and credit-card debt. Should he pitch in and help?

From The Moneyist: ‘My girlfriend owes $200,000 in medical and credit-card debt’: She wants me to settle it — by paying a portion of the outstanding amount


HOW TO TAKE YOUR CAREER TO THE NEXT PHASE  A listener working as a sound engineer wants to take it to the next level. How can he (and YOU) do that?

Listener and sound engineer George


ARE YOU PREPARED FOR WHAT'S ABOUT TO HAPPEN TO YOUR MONEY? Tom is. Listen and make sure you don't blow it this fall!


WAYS TO ECONOMIZE DURING INFLATION You have no idea how much money you waste. Tom tells you how to batten down the hatches!


HOW'S YOUR MONEY HOLDING UP DURING THIS RECESSION? Are you saving? Investing? Being frugal? Buying now and paying later?


TOM MAKES A MAJOR DECISION ABOUT HIS PORTFOLIO What's coming next in your portfolio? Your IRA? Your 401(k)? Tom tells you what's next with his portfolio, and what he's doing about it.

Morningstar: It's Time for Tax-Loss Selling

Forbes: Jamie Dimon Warns Of A ‘Hurricane’ Coming Our Way—Here’s What You Need To Know


INFLATION IS HITTING ALL OF US. WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT RISING PRICES? Tom has answers you can use right away. Don't get caught short!


WORST CASE SCENARIO: TOM PLANNED FOR THE WORST Over the years, many people have asked Tom why he has saved and planned so much. Find out what he did and what difference it has made over the last two years.


WAR IN UKRAINE AND THE MARKET IS GOING WACKY What do we do now? Tom's here with answers!

As auto prices soar, more buyers take out 6½- and 7-year loans