Money Podcast

Money Podcast



TIME TO BATTEN DOWN THE HATCHES! Tom's been predicting exactly what is starting to happen to our economy. Are you ready?

​​​Americans Spent Big. Now Overdue Bills Are Rising.

Credit card debt has reached a record high. Here's what it means for the economy.


LOOK OUT BELOW! War in the Middle East will mean higher oil prices...then, higher gasoline prices and even more inflation. Time to GET CHEAP!


MORTGAGE RATES ARE NOW OVER SEVEN PERCENT Hopefully, you were paying attention when Tom told you to reduce your risks. What do we do now?

Buying a Home Is Getting Out of Reach. Mortgage Rates Are the Reason


MIDDLEMEN: A SURPRISE FACTOR IN INFLATION so many people complain about inflation, yet they jump right in and support the interlopers who are largely behind it!


ARE YOU PREPARED FOR THE COMING RECESSION? Tom is. Hear what he's doing to batten down the hatches.

I thought I'd earn more by keeping my money in the stock market than a savings account, but I couldn't have been more wrong


IT'S 2023! HOW'S YOUR MONEY? Tom's is doing great. This will be a crazy year. Are you ready?


SHOULD A BOYFRIEND PAY HIS GIRL'S MEDICAL AND CREDIT CARD DEBT? His girlfriend owes over $200,000 in medical and credit-card debt. Should he pitch in and help?

From The Moneyist: ‘My girlfriend owes $200,000 in medical and credit-card debt’: She wants me to settle it — by paying a portion of the outstanding amount


HOW TO TAKE YOUR CAREER TO THE NEXT PHASE  A listener working as a sound engineer wants to take it to the next level. How can he (and YOU) do that?

Listener and sound engineer George


ARE YOU PREPARED FOR WHAT'S ABOUT TO HAPPEN TO YOUR MONEY? Tom is. Listen and make sure you don't blow it this fall!