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In the News

WITH ABORTION RIGHTS GONE, HOW WILL THIS AFFECT MEN? Tom has practical advice for men going forward now that Roe vs. Wade has been overturned.

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WHY DO SOME RICH GUYS FEEL THE NEED TO DO THINGS LIKE THIS? Elon Musk is accused of exposing himself on a private jet to a flight attendant and paying her a settlement. Did he do this? Who knows? But whether it's Louis CK or Elon Musk, don't these guys have enough money to get laid without getting themselves in trouble?

A SpaceX flight attendant said Elon Musk exposed himself and propositioned her for sex, documents show. The company paid $250,000 for her silence.


WHO READS THE "SWIMSUIT EDITION" TO SEE INCLUSIVENESS? We all know the reason. And it's not to see fatties, fuglys, or trannies in skimpy attire!

Yumi Nu ‘shaking’ over SI Swimsuit cover reveal


"I HAD AN ABORTED FETUS FOR BREAKFAST!" Roe vs. Wade is being overturned. Whose fault is that? How will this affect men?


ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST Once again, social media are mourning the death of a musician who, this time around, was found with at least 10 drugs in his system. You know Tom has something to say about Foo FightersTaylor Hawkins!

Preliminary toxicology report finds 10 drugs in Taylor Hawkins’ system



WHY DO STRUGGLING WOMEN KEEP HAVING KIDS? And why aren't we allowed to talk about this? A white woman in Maine with five kids, a husband jailed for possession of child pornography, and an $8.50/hour job, complains that she can't get welfare.

States Are Hoarding $5.2 Billion in Welfare Funds Even as the Need for Aid Grows




THE DAVE CHAPPELLE CONTROVERSY About 100 protesters showed up recently at Netflix corporate headquarters in Hollywood to protest the streaming Dave Chappelle Netflix special The Closer, primarily because of his comments about the transgender community. They want Netflix to stop airing the special. Should they?

Protesters denounce Netflix over Chappelle transgender comments

Netflix Boss Defends Dave Chappelle's 'Artistic Freedom' After Latest Special Is Deemed 'Dangerously Transphobic'

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