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Hour 1: Leykis 101 Hour 2: Leykis 101 Hour 3: Identifying Accusers. LA Angels player Tori Hunter's son, Darrius McClinton-Hunter, may have sexual assault charges against him dropped after his unidentified and protected 16 year old accuser may have recanted the story. Tom wants to know why we have to protect these liars who accuse people of heinous acts. Includes the debut of Killer Chimpanzee style. Hour 4: Unscreened Calls


Hour 1: Manny Pacquiao vs. The Grove Mall. Pacquiao banned from The Grove for condemning gay marriage and challenges President Obama. Hour 2: Back To Radio. A listener asked when Tom is coming back to regular radio and Tom flips shit. Hour 3: Exes. Why do guys get jealous of their exes with other people?


Hour 1: Deadbeats and Money. Tom has had enough of deadbeats asking for a handout and wants to know why you keep giving these people money? Hour 2: Cont Deadbeats. Tom takes more of your calls about the weak links in your life that just won't get their shit together. Hour 3: SPORTS! Los Angeles sports teams are laying it down right now with 3 of them currently in the playoffs.


Hour 1: Obama /Gay Marriage. Many listeners have expressed their desire for Tom to discuss the president and his recently new outspoken stance in favor of gay marriage. Hour 2: Money Monday Hour 3: Cell Phones. Tom is fed up with the HTC EVO downloading mandatory apps, or bloatware. The iPhone vs Android debate finds its way to The Tom Leykis Show.


Hour 1: Flash Friday/WOP Hour 2: Flash Friday/WOP Hour 3: Flash Friday/WOP Hour 4: Flash Friday/WOP


Hour 1: Women need to be careful what types of guys they seek child support from- Tom shares a story of a man who allegedly killed his gf and children in order to not pay. Hour 2: Tom Leykis Show Mission Statement. After seeing the response from listeners on Tom discussing a topic as serious as Kelly Thomas it's time to reaffirm the purpose of the Tom Leykis Show. Hour 3: Leykis 101 Hour 4: Leykis 101


Hour 1: Fullerton PD Style. Tom refuses to take any listeners out Kelly Thomas style, but has a differing opinion on Fullerton PD style. Includes the debut of Fullerton PD style. Hour 3: U.S. Postal Service. Tom believes the U.S. Postal Service should be closed down for good as we no longer need it thanks to modern technology.


Hour 1: Fullerton Police brutality with Gustavo Arellano. Graphic security footage has been released of a homeless OC man being beat to death by a group of Fullerton Police Officers. Gustavo Arellano of the OC Weekly joins Tom to discuss excessive force and take your telephone calls. Hour 2: Continue Kelly Thomas beating with Gustavo Arellano. Tom and Gustavo take more of your telephone calls weighing in on this horrific footage. Hour 3: Unscreened Calls.


Hour 1: Trayvon Martin. Tom asked through Facebook what Monday's first topic should be- and you voted! Tom shares his thoughts on the Trayvon Martin case and asks you to weigh in. Hour 2: Money Monday Hour 3: Prenups. Originally planned as a Thursday Leykis 101 topic, it became clear after this weeks edition of Money Monday that Tom couldnt wait any longer to address this important issue. You need a prenup.


Hour 1: Flash Friday/WOP Hour 2: Flash Friday/WOP Hour 3: Flash Friday/WOP Hour 4: Flash Friday/WOP