Mar 3rd, 2023 | Tom Talks

A REDDITOR WANTS TO KNOW IF HE'S AN ASSHOLE for refusing to give up his airline window seat to a crying child. Find out what Tom would do!



Submitted by Hubcap on

I would happily pay extra for an adults-only flight.
My last job had me traveling frequently and often on very short notice. ("you need to be on the other coast tomorrow morning") so I would get my pick of the last 3 middle seats in the back.
I've endured 5 hours of angry screaming toddler, seat back kicks, a diaper change right next to me while my $10 plastic wrapped tuna salad sandwich becomes even less appealing.
But way worse than the children are the fucking parents who like to really exercise their parental privilege. And then there is the performance parenting..."Cody, do you need a hug?"
I would totally support an airline that offered child-free flights or an adults-only section.
I get it. Flying is hard for a kid and sometimes you have to. (I was a military brat and no doubt there were times I was not the most pleasant seat mate.)
When I'm buying the ticket, I try for first class, because today's first class is what regular air travel used to be like. (Except for the cigarette smoke)
I'm a window seat guy. I like watching the world go by at 450 knots, with a wall to lean against, not concerned about having a limb sheared off by the drink cart. And if there is any climbing over, I would much rather be the climber than the climb-ee.

Submitted by reaper69316 on

Yeah it's been a problem forever and honestly it's gotten worst with people bringing barking and stinking animals on the flight. I was on an overbooked flight I was at the window seat and last minute the two seats next to me that were reserved for pilots weren't coming. Next thing I know I heard a SCREAMING baby way in the back of the plane I could hear him through my noice cancellation headphones, I was like sucks to be them back there. Next thing I know see the flight attendant bringing that screaming demon and his mom to come sit next to me because the baby could have more room. Just screaming non stop I was like you fucking bitch! I told the flight attendant to move me to the back of the plane where she was sitting and I was gonna demand that AA refund me my business class airfare for pulling that stunt she tried to make it out like I was heartless or something.

I am also seeing WAY more babies in first class and got caught next to one that fortunately stopped screaming 20 minutes into the flight. Like fucking stay home you have a little baby