Nov 29th, 2022 | Tom Talks

TOM LOSES HIS BEST FRIEND Find out why Tom has had such a rough couple of weeks.

Hazel at 2:45 PM waiting for Tom to arrive at his home studio for his "live show", which ended in 2018, but she continued to show up at the studio 7 days a week until 2022.



Submitted by panc1974 on

Tom, I’ve been listening to you since 1998. This was one of your best Podcasts/topics. This is one of the topics where I wish you had callers calling in. Thank you. And I’m so sorry for you loss. My deepest condolences. ~ John

Submitted by John Nett on

Hi Tom;
Just a note to say how sorry I am that you lost Hazy. I know firsthand how a good old dog can change your life, how it can be your best friend. How everything you do seems to involve him in some way. Today you are sad. Tomorrow you will be sad. It is built into the get a pet equation.
It hurts like hell to lose a dog. I can't think of a more painful event and I've lost people.

It seems Hazel was an old soul who only wanted peace and quiet, to lay outside in the sun, to walk to the mailbox, to relax and enjoy her home and to love you. Well I believe she got what she wanted and needed from you Tom and vice versa. I know you loved her a lot, you kept her a secret, you old softy. You wanted to protect her, I get it.

Hazel changed you Tom. She stole your heart, made you a better man, and gave you some of the best memories you'll ever have.

Don't let her last day with you weigh you down so much, you did right, giving her meat. That was love, that was respect.

Be kind to yourself Tom

Submitted by Maiglesi on

Sometimes you dont get the dog you want, you get the dog you need. Im sorry for your loss Tom and I feel honored you were able to share your story of your beloved Hazel with us. I hope you find peace in the lessons she taught you. Take care of yourself during these times, she would want that.

Submitted by raspena on

Tom, I've followed and listened to you since the 90's and to hear a podcast like this from you just solidifies why I've stuck with you all these years. It's been a joy to hear you transition from a radio "shock jock" to a matured personality/father figure with great wisdom when you transistioned to internet. Both versions of your show are solid. At the core you were always truthful and honest to your listeners and here is another example. I've never written you personally or commented on this site until now. I felt compelled. I guess it's because of how long I feel I've known you and my love for dogs and animals in general. It's kind of a releif to know you had a companion on the ranch. I always say dogs are better than most people. I know the pain is tough and it will get better with time. I've been through it several times myself. You did good with Hazel Tom. You should be proud.


Submitted by cpk on

I found myself feeling really sad all day yesterday after reading your post on FB about Hazel. having lost beloved dogs, I know how much it hurts me, so I can only imagine how you feel. But I wanted to know more about her, so I was really glad to hear this podcast today. I found myself smiling and then tearing up as I listened. Really a very beautiful story as only you can tell it. She was lucky to have you, after the hell she had been through, you gave her an amazing life. It all makes me even sadder, but I'm so thankful to have gotten to know something about her. Short dog lifespan really sucks.

Submitted by cpk on

I had to decide when to call the vet for my beloved Remi, who was dying from aggressive stomach cancer. We gave him so much palliative care to ease his pain, but when he couldn't eat, and was getting worse, we had to make that decision - we kept thinking maybe he has one or two more good days.... let's wait. It never seems like the right time, I know how hard this is but you didn't betray her. She felt ok she was with you and its better than dying a painful death. One quote I heard is something like better do this a little too soon, than to wait too long... i dunno if that helps, nothing really does at this point, I know too well.

Submitted by heven729 on

Im so sorry for the loss of your Hazy. You gave her the love and companionship she didn’t experience as a young puppy; the way she sat and stood by your side when you were sick in 2018 shows how much she appreciated and loved you. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

Submitted by laurentj23 on


I'm sorry for your loss, and I know how painful it is. I had a French bulldog that I adopted at 5 years old because the last owner only used her for breeding. I told her, you better not die when I'm away at work or something. 5 years later, she died in bed next to me, so I was there for her before she died.

Submitted by Alex from Aurora on

Tom, I’m so sorry! I have NO words. I lost my best friend and she was with thu my divorce, went to work with me. More loyal than any human. I get it. Since that day I have never tried to replace her. Time will heal Tom…

Submitted by jx22 on

So sorry to hear about this dad. Please hang in there.

Submitted by Hubcap on

Very sorry for your loss. It is truly a gift that we can put an end to our pet's suffering when that becomes necessary. You're right, it's much more difficult with a person, because that mercy option doesn't exist. I just spent the last month watching my 91yo mom literally starve to death because humans have to wait for god to decide or something.

Really appreciate your openness and honesty in sharing all that with your longtime listeners/followers/fans/friends. The last time I saw you was when you were just beginning to get over your illness. It was at Frank's house. Happy to hear you had Hazy to help you through that, because frankly, the way you looked and acted that night, the thought was in the back of my mind that *you* were on your way out.

Of course you swear you are not going to get another dog. I've said the same thing myself...many times. Fact is another dog *will* find its way into your life. They know.

take care
--steve in Zihuatanejo

Submitted by Julien C on

There's no words to console this kind of pain, Tom, as you know. Been enjoying your art since 2001. You have my genuine empathy through this loss.

Submitted by madnonsense on

My deepest condolences for losing your precious dog. After hearing Gary losing his dog Elvis, it was best to keep some things private and away from the show. Right now I have two dogs who are also 13 years old. My male dog Rico has an afternoon routine where he sits in front of the garage waiting for me to go home. Other female dog Daisy sleeps mostly all day in her doghouse. Gets up to do her daily routine business and eating food. Then goes back to the dog house

Submitted by masterautotech on

so very sorry for your loss tom. i hope you recover well. maybe just maybe in the future will you get a new 4 leg friend? it was a great show tom, and thank you as always.

Submitted by artbell1 on

Hello Tom!

Thank you for sharing your story about Hazel.

Let me send you my condolences for the loss of your most loyal friend.

My brother has lost 4 of his friends in much the same way you lost Hazel. Our lives can be be so enriched by pets.
We all can tell how much she meant to you by having not even mentioned her previously.

Congratulations on having been such a good friend to Hazel.

Submitted by beastiedogz on

Sorry, Tom.

I had a dog that died in 2021. I definitely shed some manly tears for a while. Glad you could give Hazy a great life.

Submitted by Tatajemusic@sbc... on

Dear Tom,
Anyone who has lost a pet knows exactly how you feel.

Hopefully, it won't be your last doggie.

Submitted by ogalvan on

Tom, I found myself tearing up as I heard your story. I can't imagine the pain of losing someone that loves you unconditionally. I know that you don't believe in a G.O.D., but I've had experiences that have taught me otherwise that just cannot be explained. I know that when it's your time to go, Hazel will be the one that comes and gets you and let's you know that it's time. You'll see her again. Sending all my prayers your way. Love, Oscar

Submitted by aofrailey on

I say the following with great affection: Congratulations Tom! You're human. Since 1990, I have always sensed this despite your effort to shield yourself from the vulnerability that comes from loving someone, be it human or animal.
I have often been stymied by the fact that with an IQ that is about 10 pts higher then mine, there have been so many things that are clear as a bell to me but you are just learning.
My wish for you is that your recent insight serves you well all of your days.