Nov 11th, 2021 | Tom Talks

INTIMACY Why do you listen? Tom knows all too well.



Submitted by billrood on

Tom, this is a terrific episode -- you really nailed it. I've been listening to you since the early 90s, following your voice wherever it went. The sound of your voice is a comfort to me -- it doesn't really matter WHAT you're saying -- just hearing you talk is what I, as you said, crave.

Submitted by Hubcap on

My son and I were having a very similar discussion recently. How we both were "taken in" by the connection that radio provided. Until we started travelling and realized the local radio station was not all that unique; the same format with a different name in different cities. They even started to align the freq so that no matter what city you were in, it was always "103.5 Country!" or "Rock 101.1".

I remember as a kid in the UK, I would do a similar thing with the pillows. Only I was listening to Radio Caroline, the famous Brit pirate station, on my 5-tube Superheterodyne radio with an earpiece. I had to teach myself enough electronics (and how to solder) to take it apart, and add the phone jack to connect and disconnect the earpiece. I was about 9, and I thought all the bands were actually on the ship, playing for the mic. I imagined and endless string of boats taking the Stones, Chad & Jeremey, the DC5 & Petula Clark out to the ship.

By the time I was 12, I had self-taught enough electronics, I probably could have passed the FCC test.

Submitted by RudyRayRay on

You're right Tom...I connected right away the first time I heard of your voice 10 yrs ago because I needed those Money Monday and Leykis 101 answers my family & friends could never teach me which is TRUTH (The Right Understanding To Heaven) and now I'm living my best years ever. Today I still keep you and Gary up on my screensaver from the party at Fleming's Steakhouse as a reminder to myself I get only one chance to do this life right. Thankyou