Sep 29th, 2021 | Tom Talks


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Submitted by TurquoiseTurtle on

I love it when you touch on this topic. Having children for men now days is a total waste of time, energy & money. Most relationships don’t last, so most guys will end up divorce graped and never seeing their kids anyway yet continue to have their bank account drained.

Submitted by jusblaze99 on

....some of these parents DESERVE to be flung into a retirement home. I get what you are saying but the issue is a lot of older people did NOT financially prepare OR prepare their health/diet etc for getting older. You are rich as hell and you EARNED IT and so you can pay for someone to come to your property and take care of you, as you should! Thom you have grown wiser as you have aged, and you are using your wisdom to better your life. You lost a LOT of weight, etc etc. I have older parents, and I swear the older they get, the fucking DUMBER they get and it's almost entirely their faults! I've got a father who drinks like a fking teenager in his 70's and a really REALLY REALLLLY FAT mother! Both BROKE! Not saying you are blaming kids for putting their parents into a home, I am just saying there are always two sides to a story. My parents aint in a home YET but I get why ppl do it! Ofc people deteriorate as they get older, and that cannot be entirely avoided, BUT if some old FUCK treats their health/life like the Titanic... parent or not, FUCK THAT! Elder care is expensive no matter how you slice it, even if the kids take care of older parents- that costs time. I gotta work and live too man! Maybe I'm putting words in your mouth, and if so I am sorry. But idk man I get tired of the, "HOW COULD YOU, THEY'RE YOUR PARENTS!" SHIT sometimes, no one really ever considers what I typed above,

Submitted by John Nett on

and I am older, 70 to be exact. Three words: Long Term Care Insurance. Medicare will pay for two weeks per year in an assisted living facility, after that you start spending your life savings.

Taking care of ones health, physical and emotional, will go a long way to making senior years more enjoyable with much less sadness.

Submitted by TurquoiseTurtle on

Never married, no kids? You dodged a serious bullet.

Submitted by cpk on

we see today many parents who are outliving their kids. Drug overdoses, obesity, etc. So then they can't take care of you either. don't have kids, save the $$ and buy Long Term Care Insurance, like John Nett says. BTW, I used to get the "biological clock ticking" lecture when I proclaimed that I never wanted kids. And other women telling me that all women get "baby fever. It's just ingrained in all of us." Well, I never had "baby fever". (Several times I had baby FEAR.) But now, all of those damn eggs are gone and I'm almost 60 and have zero, ZERO regrets. I am SO glad I never procreated! To you young ladies out there, don't give in to the hype. Just cause you got a uterus doesn't mean you have to use it.

Submitted by PrincessRoxi on

Once you have a kid - you lose it.
Lose money, time for yourself, your skin looks like shit, child birth is gross, kids stink and will be a pain in your life much, much more than few times they are cute.
I will never in my life understand why attractive women allow themselves to get knocked up and be a slave to a kid. You can live a really fun (hedonist lifestyle) if you just say no to being a parent. You can focus on yourself, taking care of your health and appearance and not hit the wall at 30 like most parents do.

Submitted by TurquoiseTurtle on

Women are hard wired for reproduction and I think a switch goes off in their head and that basically compels them to breed. I don’t think many women actually do much planning or think about the long term consequences of breeding. Also, your not really having a kid, your having a person that will eventually be an adult that will have to survive in this f’d up world. It’s NOT worth it.

Submitted by irontom69 on

Tom great topic, in short by listening and applying your words, my life experiences have been kid free and no drama.
Thank you for leykis 101. Now for those who wanted to be tied down 18 years lovely but It just was not for me.
Society plays a real mind game here both on marriage and children and all the other triggers that seemed to start in the 1950s.
Knowing that tied with your teachings it really turned into something not to ever obtain.
When you said “I date who I want and do what I want “ well I figured it and took it to heart. Freedom ! It is so awesome!