Sep 23rd, 2021 | Tom Talks

BACK INTO THE THERAPIST'S OFFICE  A conversation with an old friend sends Tom searching for his therapist from years ago. Two hours in the chair. What he found. How it's changing him.

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Submitted by Daniel Klock on

Gettin’ down in the trenches, Tom. Hope the guys are paying attention. You can be assured that I am!

Submitted by yamamotd on

Hey Tom, Thanks for sharing. I too have done a lot of work on myself. The payoff is for the past 6 years, I can say I'm "happy" pretty much everyday. Of course, we all have our daily & even long-term, trials-&-tribulations but for the most part I wake up every single day with sunshine in my heart & soul. Don't get me wrong, it took a lot of work, a lot of self-reflecting & taking responsibility. .

Taking responsibility for all actions -- some good, some were mistakes but they are all mine. At the same time, I'm the captain for my own happiness -- or put another way -- I cannot & do not give others the power to make me happy nor sad.

When in a supervisory role, if a colleague or subordinate, screws up -- what did I not do, was I not clear, what could I have done to insure success. This "small" mind shift of not blaming others, allowed me to take control of my life. For if I blame others, I don't have the control or as much power to make the necessary change(s) to improve the current situation or prevent the error from reoccurring.

Having said all this about being "happy" everyday, it does occur to me that I could actually be delusional & by fooling myself is how I achieve this state of well-being. I hope not -- but it could be a possibility! lol

So thanks again for dispensing of your life story & the hope is that people take your sharing & caring to heart and allow themselves to begin to do the hard work of self-reflection & what are our blind-spots. This is why you kind of need a counselor or therapist to point out these blind-spots & sticking points.

The chronical of your bio allows others to take the shame out of our inner thoughts & perceived weakness. We all have deficiencies & blemishes -- but the main point is -- what are you / we doing to get to a better place. It is cliché but is today better than yesterday & if not, you (we) have tomorrow to continue your (our own) journey forward.