May 8th, 2021 | Tom Talks

"DO YOU THINK YOU'RE BETTER THAN ME?" Anti-vaxxers now blanket social media with complaints that those who are vaccinated against COVID-19 "think they're better than us." Are they?

Where do you stand? Weigh in now:



Submitted by cpk on

I got the Pfizer shots - I'm one of maybe .005 % who had bad bad reactions both times - took me 5 days to recover from each one. I knew, because of a medical/genetic trait that I have (quite rare) that I would have a tough time. But I still f'n did it! not only for me to be able to fly, travel, etc, but to help fight this pandemic AND because all of you idiots who won't get vaccinated are often the same ones who aren't wearing masks. so to protect myself from YOU I went through hell. And you fuckers won't because you're Q-fucked and idiots and pussies. I am TRIPLE PISSED at all of you assholes. Pull up your damn sleeve and get the shot. Tom said it and I agree with everything he said especially FUUUUUUUUCK YOU!

Submitted by UncleKenta on

Bummer you had a reaction cpk. Hang in there.
I am having a very powerful immune response. But that's what they told me might happen. The first couple days I was mostly in bed sleeping. My main immune responses were body aches, chills, no fever, and super SUPER tired. Major fatigue. Feeling better everyday now. Everyone is different. Was prepared, water, food, chores done, everything I need ready to go, and glad I did. Taking work off tomorrow too, not even remote phone work. Letting my body do it's thing. So glad I finally got mine done. 9 more days and I am a free man again!!!!!! Woooooooooooo!!!! Thank you Tom. Fuck the moronic antivaxers and the cult of personality trump lemming losers. Ignorant cunts.

Submitted by alphamalepanacea on

Just bought a account, I love your content that´s on Youtube, had a lot of laughs..But you, lets say, should not talk politics..Take care..Keep up the great work..

Submitted by Akocan35 on

"Orange piece of shit" Priceless!!!! :)))))))