Oct 28th, 2020 | Tom Talks

A FEW WORDS FROM TOM ON HIS PODCAST'S 2-YEAR ANNIVERSARY October 28, 2020 marks two years for the Tom Leykis Podcast! On this occasion, Tom has some words for supporters like you, and for deadbeats like the one in the illustration below.

Here's the notice Tom received from a subscriber who called his credit card company to reverse the charge for a month of use of Premium Tom because it was "not as described or defective," then, kept on subscribing!

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Submitted by Akocan35 on

Dang! Does this guy really think he didn't get his 11 bucks worth? I ll fucking give him his money back so he would quit crying like a cunt!

Submitted by panc1974 on

Tom, I can't get my head wrapped around why he's such an asshole and dead beat. Glad you blocked him.

Submitted by panc1974 on

Tom, on the second anniversary of your podcast, I thought I'd thought it was a good time to ask you this question. I love your old show you did called, "Tasting with Tom Leykis" Any podcasts about wine on the horizon? Thanks Long time listener since 1998 ~ John

Submitted by Akocan35 on

Thank you Tom, for all your hard work. It has been great listening to your pod cast for the last 2 years and your live show before that. We appreciate you very much. You have always taken your time and do diligent to give us a one hell of an amazing show... Were looking forward to continue to having you as our mentor for many many years!

Submitted by gokusan on

I am so happy that you decided to continue with your own podcast after the live show ended. I have enjoyed the last 2 years and I will continue to subscribe for as long as you continue to do it. I will also continue to subscribe to Gary and Dino as well for as long as they choose to keep going. Thanks again Dad for the hard consistent effort you continue to give for us all. :)

Submitted by Daniel Klock on

The brilliant adaptation to the tsunami of changes in broadcasting, while maintaining the highest quality content standard, making it all work for the listeners and of course, yourself, could be a fascinating Harvard Business School case study. Well done, Tom. And thank you!

Submitted by ProfTomLpupil on

Thank you for two years of podcasts! We all appreciate your hard work and advice.