Jul 28th, 2020 | Tom Talks

TOM CANCELS A SUBSCRIBER Every now and then, Tom says something outrageous and a subscriber cancels. So why in the world would Tom cancel a subscriber? Find out!

Retrace Tom's steps from the radio station to his home the night he put oil in his own car on a cold night in Albany, New York

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Submitted by mrbruce1 on

Agree, 100%

Submitted by valiford on

I am almost to the point of cutting out all trump supporters from my personal life. It is beyond a political decision and into a question of decency and morality. You are right again.... as usual.

Submitted by Bertalia123 on

Great Show Tom, and good riddance to that POS.

Submitted by War-A-Tron on

Great show - really appreciate what you do and good job on cutting the clown of a subscriber.

I thought the car story was quite funny, had something similar happy to myself a long time ago :)

Submitted by jimwalsh2001 on

Your podcast has been a constant inspiration to me and my own modest efforts. Thank you for what you do.

Submitted by Masters on

Let him kick rock in the corner.

Submitted by Cosmic Travis on

I'm a Republican, and yes I'm voting Trump, and yes the anti Trump stuff drives me a little nuts, but you know what? I'm one of your big fans, and I'm happy to support the cause. You've changed my life in so many ways, so if I have to listen to a little Trump hate (which I could always pause or skip) and pay $19 a month, I'll tell you right now that I'm in, and will always be in as a thank you for what you've done for me- not to mention the content has generally been fantastic! Thanks for everything

Submitted by Cosmic Travis on

I wanted to say one more thing. I get so tired of people hating other people who they disagree with. I would have do the same thing to that subscriber, and I loved to hear about what you posted in your Facebook neighborhood group page.

Enough is enough. You've got every right to decide who is going to help you at the ranch or your house or whatever, and every right to allow comment section and not be heckled day in and day out.

Last thing, who the hell would call Leykis a snowflake? What the hell is that shit?

Submitted by julianc on

The next time I'm out that way, I'll have to visit what remains at the site of WQBK. One more site to add to the Tom Leykis Star Map.

Submitted by LAlonzo36 on

I respect you Tom. You don’t take any shit from no one.
Keep up the good work. You don’t need assholes like that and your real supporters are here for you.

Submitted by van131 on

Hey love the show I totally agree with you.

Minor point fascism is socialism without Marx. (Free health care, free housing, banned guns etc.)

Submitted by TomLeykisNNN on

And thanks for your support!



Submitted by Daniel Klock on

As always, spot on. Toxic behavior coupled with willful ignorance is to be avoided at all cost!

Submitted by mwkirlin on

I have so benefitted from your show, just to adopt your perspectives into my life. I connected so easily to your story of living in Albany, and not having a support system where I was. I also connected to your need to cut off someone from my life who I otherwise might have supported being there. Sometimes, no amount of money is worth it, especially if you are in a position to reject a subscription. I need to be in control of me, and that is what you taught me more than anything else over all of these years. And in the words of the great Gustavo Ariano: Fuck Trump, Fuck Trump, Fuck Trump.

Submitted by TomLeykisNNN on

Thanks for all your support!



Submitted by metallicagrind44 on

Tom I’m almost certain that this was the guy who also hacked your email account because he had sent us link attachments to his weird blog and pro trump pages. I wish I could show you but I deleted the email because I thought it also contained a virus I hope you prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law! Piece of shit

Submitted by gum5h03 on

Has anybody noticed this week the astronomical rise in Kodak? The bankrupt company that has no assets and is just maintaining intellectual property now has a 1 billion dollar "loan" from Trump? WTF is going on??? Kodak has no infrastructure and NO way to spool up to create "chemicals" in any reasonable amount of time. Personally I think this is the death thrall of this tyrant. He is releasing CONVICTED criminals, and now giving to cronies. What is NEXT!!!???

Submitted by LaVidaLoca on

I'm surprised you put up with that a-hole as long as you did. There are going to be clients and customers that need to be fired. You can put up with that BS for just a little bit but when their personal issues start up you can almost feel what's coming next. At that point I just tell them goodbye and good luck. I don't need their money or their headaches and neither do you. Thanks Dad! By taking all your advice to heart I am financially independent because I followed Dad's advice to the letter without exception.

Submitted by JDY on

Agreed, Professor! Had enough of these douches as well! Just hope you know who is voted out this November! Rock on! One thing I miss about the live radio show? Was your interaction with the callers. Otherwise? Well, done, sir. Wish you could broadcast again from KLSX in Los Angeles. I remember seeing you years ago walking through the CBS studios parking lot one day while I was waiting to be an audience member on The Price is Right. You walked by, shades on, smile on your face and I thought, is that Tom Leykis? Strange.

Submitted by aofrailey on

I want Trump to get COVID with really bad symptoms. I truly hope he does not die, but I want him to come within a gnat's ass of death. I hope he suffers. I have four sisters whom I think are COVID deniers or COVID rebels. They are all over 60. I am fearful of being put in the position of believing they get what they deserve if they contract COVID. I simply do not understand it. I don't get why they want to ignore the medical professional and why they believe Trump whose advise and actions are beyond insane.
And the guidelines many organizations have of voluntary mask wearing? The makes me even angrier than no guidelines. Who would opt to wear a mask when surrounded by people not wearing one? Are you kidding me?

Submitted by gokusan on

I am happy that you have decided to continue this podcast even after the live show ended. I have learned a lot from Dad and I look forward to learning a lot more. I will stay subbed to The Tom Leykis Podcast and The Gary and Dino Show for as long as they continue to do it. :)

Submitted by cpk on

Thank you for all your work on these podcasts that keep us going! and THANK YOU for getting rid of the tRump Idiots. I sure as f don't want to hear from them and I like all of your anti-tRump podcasts!

Submitted by Francisco92 on

Big fan. I love the fact that you are around us.