Dec 28th, 2019 | Tom Talks

MORE FROM OUT OF THE WOODWORK (2nd of 5 episodes) In this episode, hear about a woman Tom never actually slept with who keeps popping up.

Once a party girl with a Sunset Strip apartment, a rocking body, outrageous cleavage, a lengthy list of  "male friends" and an out-of-wedlock son, she is now older, more wrinkled and more desperate. Clearly a member of SAG! It's apparent that, although she once tried to pass herself off as one of those "born-again virgins" in search of marriage. Now, as her finances continue their decline, she becomes more shameless and needy....possibly to the extent that she would finally reveal her declining body now that no one else apparently wants to see it anymore.

Has this ever happened to you? Tell Tom all about it:



Submitted by Liberation95 on

I've noticed the older these women get, whether they were married or not have higher and higher standards! I can't stand these women who think they have the best vagina in the world and we need to give more and more to them the older they get. You'd think they'd figure this out. Guess in about 10-15 years there's going to be a generation of 60-70 year old aging old bags!

Submitted by TallTim on

Nice one professor. You probably dodged a bullet with that one. Made me laugh when you described her, haha.

This is a good thread for reminding guys why getting married is a losing proposition - its from a old thread around 2006 that was on a site that is now defunct --

Read it. And if you know some young guy thinking about getting married - send it to him. It will save him a lot of time, believe me.

Submitted by KA06 on

Lot of cats do and will need good homes; and they will have plenty of suitors as the over the hills gals continue to grow in numbers!

Submitted by usausmc on

Maybe if you want a loyal partner down the road as a woman, you should give yourself to one man when you are in your prime and your hottest years, maybe it should serve as a reminder to other women. It's an age old story.