Jul 4th, 2019 | Tom Talks

THANK YOU FOR ASKING! As regular listeners know, Tom wants nothing to do with pregnancies! But there is one pregnancy he'll happily tolerate.

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Submitted by cpk on

the other things I HATE about getting a rep from India or the Philippines esp when something's wrong with my tech product are A. the phone line usually sucks and they sound like they just learned English yesterday. B. You tell them the problem and they say something like "I am very sorry you are having this problem. I'll try my very best to assist you today." GODDAMMIT! I don't CARE that you're sorry I'm having a problem and that you'll do your very best to help me. SHUT UP and just F'n HELP with the issue! PLEASE cut the preamble. Does anyone else agree?

Submitted by landon101 on

Totally agree with you. This is one reason with computers I tell folks to buy business class dell or Lenevo because they actually have decent USA support for those lines...or find a refurbisher that carries a decent warranty is another way to go.

But yeah I feel your pain on that customer support lol.

Submitted by binto on

Hey Tom. Keep it up. I was wondering what the status is on the app now btw. Tried it for the first time recently and couldn't log in. Wondered if its broken since the transition to podcast format.

Submitted by TomLeykisNNN on

There is no live stream anymore, so if you don't subscribe to the podcast, you can't hear anything.

If you're a paid subscriber, send your username and password directly to me along with a screenshot or two of the problem at tom@blowmeuptom.com.



Submitted by Liberation95 on

Tom, is it me or do hire stupider and stupider customer service people? Customer service is completely overbearing when I get asked the same question in an office store by 3 three different people in only 5 minutes, but they don't know shit about the products! Or how about when it took me three times for a garage contractor to get my phone number right? Three times! I can understand the first time, but how the hell do you fuck up seven digits another TWO times? The bitch was probably thinking of when she''ll get her next alimony check! Next time they ask us how it's going, I'm just gonna say "not too good, but who cares?" Spot on, Tom!

Submitted by TallTim on

I hate hearing that shit from a pre-recorded voice. If they cared they would have enough people to answer the phones instead of me listening to how much they care!

Phone support blows, nearly universally. The only time I ever got any decent support was when a company was afraid of losing my business. If they're big, they could give a shit. That goes double for banks.

Good one Tom, made me laugh with "I don't care how Jennifer's day is!!"

Submitted by TallTim on

Hope you're alright man, heard a quake outside of LA shook stuff all over. Take care.