Apr 8th, 2019 | Tom Talks

THE PROBLEMS WITH YOUNG MEN Why are young men today increasingly prone to suicide, drug overdose, obesity and withdrawal into video game addiction? Don't take Tom's word for it! Here's proof from an educated, reliable source that, as Tom has always said, it's all because of single mothers!

Here's the article to which Tom refers in this episode.

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I SWEAR if you have the option to subscribe for a full year I will pay it immediately without hesitation.

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I really appreciate your support!



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Damn, this podcast hit hard. Made me realize I need to step up more for my kids.

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THAT SHOULD TEACH ALL YOU FATHERS OUT THERE WHO FAVOR YOUR DAUGHTER(S) over your son(s) and who give your little precious princess better treatment than your son(s) and who you can easily hug and kiss your daughter(s) but are heartless cold stone to your son(s) and who can easily whip your own son like he is SOME MULE OR SLAVE OR SLAP HIM ON THE FACE


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Finally, proof of what you've been saying all these years! This is why we need you and your rules, now more than ever. This shows what happens when boys grow up without a good father figure, while single mothers think there's no problem to raise a child on their own!

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Its the continual promotion of "Future Is Female" and other messages that damage young men. "Toxic Masculinity" is a label used by the latest wave of feminists to deride and malign men from being men. Largely it has worked, since the backbone of the average male seems to be that of a jellyfish. When you hate your life, everything else follows down the same black hole. I'm not surprised young men are seeking out drugs and other escapes -- including the final escape, suicide -- to get out of this mess.

When population replacement dips and global populations decline (as they are already) you're just seeing the beginning of the end. Think nations can exist when their tax base is all elderly people who no longer work?

Nope. Just look at the looming demographic nightmares happening in Japan, and the USA isn't too far behind.

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This nation cannot exist without men. Assume for a split second here that all men disappeared in USA. Let us say this...are you ready?

Tomorrow we throw a bomb that destroys testosterone and remove the Y chromosome forever. OK. All the mean have become female or dead and now the only group of people exist are 100% female. Perfect. Now the population of USA is 500,320 people and all of them are 100% female. Perfect...now let us move on to the next step. The government, leaders and politicians are 100% female. Excellent. The highest educated people in USA are all 100% female. Female are graduated with bachelors, master degree and even in science, chemistry, math, etc. The law estate that only female exist in USA and we birth new generation of females in USA. Feminist is the new law and rule in USA and we place a wall around United State and then have guards that protect the door of that wall. The soldiers are females and only females are allowed entry there. You have lesbian sex, marriage between females and girls are taught that human beings are single sex homosexual since existence of womenkind..because that is the theme that USA wants to go too. Commercials, TVs, etc are 100% female.

New generations and new generations of females are born believing human beings are single sex society of females and they never heard of man, boys, testosterone, masculinity and the like.....

guess what...it will not last long...at first it is working great....women are inventing new technology, they are scientists, they rule with an iron fist and living happy ever after...lesbian sex frenzy in ways you cannot fathom. Eventually after a while they will fail...they will drop....and USA will fall off and be destroyed....because society cannot run without men and boys.

So boys out there who believe you are redundant or useless....you are not. Be different than girls...be proud you are born boy..be happy and thankful you are a boy...there is nothing wrong with you. Nothing wrong with a boy's brain....

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false dichotomy.

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What do you mean?

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Gosh, Tom. I don't want you to strike me down. I'm not a troll. I'm a P1. I'm taking you seriously. You gave your standard analysis, why I'm a fan of. I think you can offer more. How about a practical fix. You're really good at offering solutions. Single mothers are not going away. What can be done for the children of single mothers? Or single mothers?