Mar 21st, 2019 | Tom Talks

THE PEP TALK YOU'VE BEEN NEEDING Do people put you down? Maybe you're just a bad person? Why don't others appear to believe in you? Why don't the people who love you want what you know in your heart is best for you? What's keeping you from achieving true greatness? The answer is right here.

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Submitted by George III on

Hello Tom,

This show made me think of the movie, It' A Wonderful Life. It is a movie classic that has two different meanings depending on perspective. From the perspective of the God fearing people that hold matrimony sacred, it's a beautiful story of how a down on his luck schmuck overcame suicide by finding value and purpose in his family; from the perspective of single people who want to travel the world and swim in culture, it's a fucking tragedy.

From the very beginning of the movie, George Bailey is painted as a young soul with wanderlust. In almost every flashback traveling the world is the most important thing to young Mr. Bailey. In fact, George Bailey had a prepared suitcase and was about to go abroad the day the Savings n Loan nearly crashed. As he temporarily set his travel plans aside, George got tangled up in a relationship with a broad that cranked out multiple kids, effectively clipping his wings and forcing him to settle down in a shitty house that had holes in the roof.

After taking many Lekykis 101 classes over the years, I've since realized this movie doesn't have a happy ending. It's ending should be a warning to all free spirits who'd rather enjoy the fruits of life, rather than subsist on the bread and water of marriage.


George O'Connor