Oct 8th, 2019 | Money Podcast

$200,000 IN DIVIDENDS & INTEREST? THIS COULD BE YOU! With one more quarter to go in 2019, Tom has made $200,000 this year without putting his pants on! And with some time, some work, and some sacrifice, you can get off the freeway and stay out of the office for good.

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Submitted by TallTim on

Just one note about the general equities market, we're about six months away (or sooner) of a major soft-spot in valuations. Macro economic indicators have been flashing red for a while now, and if you're into finance you've already heard about the Repo market (where banks and other institutions borrow for liquidity) has had its own problems in September.

Its shaping up to be a large event, and I'd hate to see people pile into stocks even if it gets a final boost from late-QE that the Fed is teasing. As for REITs, you can imagine what would happen if the Fed continues cutting to zero and possibly introducing negative rates like most of the EU.

Just a warning about the potential shitshow. Good show, Tom.