Feb 14th, 2019 | Money Podcast

"IF THE ECONOMY IS SO GREAT, WHY AM I BROKE AND IN DEBT?" Tom looks at a variety of recent news stories on this theme, and he says that we're not blaming the people most responsible. Tom knows why you're broke and what you could have done about it! Or how you can prevent it!

Here are the articles to which Tom refers in this episode:

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Submitted by RyanMS on

2 minor critiques
There's nothing cultish about Apple. Anyone's free to walk away from the brand when they want.
Someone could argue Google/Facebook/etc. are creepier companies.
As with any product(Tesla, Xbox, Dell), prices will go up at times and consumers can choose
to buy something else. I do agree that some people buy their stuff when they shouldn't though.

Also, I'm not sure asking "whose fault is that" is all that productive and seems a bit mean-spirited.
It's almost like kicking someone when they're down and you're much better than that.
If someone points out the fact that something bad is happening or happened, they're not
always deflecting blame.

Other than that, keep up the great work!

Submitted by Kelvinator on

Damn these are the shows I love Tom.

I started listening about 4 -5 yrs ago and thanks to you I have a Roth IRA, 30k in cash, and a nice new Toyota Tacoma pickup. My credit score is almost 800. I owe it all to you Tom. My story is alot like yours as far as growing up. I love those old stories about your dad. My dad liked to get LOADED and then he would think he was a race car driver. I'll never forget the cans of budweiser in the back seat of the 85 toyota pickup along with the scratch off lotto tickets. My old man aint around anymore, but hearing you tell stories is great. I hope you got another 20+ years in ya and live well.