Dec 3rd, 2018 | Money Podcast

MONEY for the first time, just for our subscribers, Tom reveals the names of many of the specific stocks that are paying him all those delicious dividends. Do you want to know which stocks will allow Tom to clear over $220,000 in dividends in 2018? Only our subscribers will know these names!

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Submitted by rahmatolah on

Got it, again thanks for a great podcast Tom.

Submitted by zurakowskij on

Thank you Tom for the list of stocks to do some reading and research on.

Submitted by alexgoncharov on

Great episode! I loved listening to it on my way to work this morning. I definitely understand your approach to finances now! Thanks for the invaluable information!

Submitted by lovethatcountrypie on

Dad, Thank you for sharing these stocks. I also invest solely in dividend-bearing stocks. I just sold some OHI and therefore have some cash to deploy (SFL and ANH are now on my short list with those mouth-watering yields). Thank you for all you do!

Submitted by victorgrecu11 on

Great to hear from you and thanks for the info.

Submitted by driftmasterj on

Thank you so much for providing financial stability for the road ahead!

Submitted by TeddyTed123 on

Thank you Tom that was stellar content that I've never been privy to.

Submitted by techtwinkie on

Very inspiring Tom, the subscription for your premium tom is golden worth more than face value. Thank you again.

Submitted by gokusan on

Thank you for this podcast Tom, it was great. I would like to see a stock pick podcast done twice a year. One long info filled show at the beginning of January and one at the beginning of July. :)