Nov 4th, 2023 | Leykis 101

THIS VIRAL LIST MAKES LEYKIS 101 STUDENTS SO ANGRY! You've heard about it. Now, hear what Tom thinks about it!




Submitted by ncplayer on

Now, I know of 28 places to take a date. These women; their questions, and endless demands. Enough is enough; move overseas!

Submitted by malice on

Mettoo, feminazi, manhating americunts, only pull this shit because they don't, nor will they ever move to a non english speaking country overseas, because, their is no mettoo in non english speaking countries, it's an english speaking thing only, like dad says! They only take advantage here on the rights that men gave them, & like dad says, no good deed goes unpunished, & the mettoo, feminazi, manhating americunts are living fucked proof of that!!

Submitted by malice on

Funny thing, uncle gary zebransky submitting this list to tom, why you ask, on g&d show # 1052 bbq wars, he literally admits to taking his wife/future baby mama to a $400.00 a meal steak house in arizona for this cunts cursed birthday!! So why submit this list to tom, is gary zebransky now suggesting we should all take these mettoo, feminazi, manhating cunts only to his $400.00 per meal arizona steak house where he took his wife of 6 years, really, talk about don't be stupid!! smh

Submitted by 138mws on

as women get older her expectations of men goes up I would like to know the age of these women. my guess women over the age of 30.