Feb 6th, 2021 | Leykis 101

"CONGRATS TOM FOR RUINING FAMILIES" A longtime listener blames Tom and Leykis 101 for "ruining" her family. Did he?

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Submitted by cpk on

I don't know why, but for some reason, I love hearing stories of people who blame Tom for their own sorry lot in life - mainly because Tom is so good at skewering them. Classic Leykis

Submitted by Campbellsoup2013 on

Me too, especially when the person he's skewering is a stupid entitled lazy bitch.

Submitted by gokusan on

I'd rather live in a trailer and enjoy my freedom then deal with this cunt for the rest of my life, sheesh lmao, if only this man could have found Dad before he had a kid with this post wall 49er ;)

Submitted by jalley on

This bitch married an abusive loser from the get-go. SHE should have been tge one listening to The Professor! The P-1's know what time it is.

Submitted by Campbellsoup2013 on

As Tom has said repeatedly over the airwaves, "women are the cheapest creatures on earth" ... Which is too bad for her, because she will never hear this podcast.
Also, notice how she picked this abusive dead beat but now it's everyone else fault, LOL.

Submitted by misterdgc on

OH yeah! Bet she is not even close to saying what the real story is!! Always amazed (but shouldn't be by now..) how much "spin" they put on the real story to make their irresponsibility anyone's fault but theirs! Bang/marry a drunk loser without birth control? Not her fault (of course). What's wrong with a trailer? SHE probably wanted him to flush his future down into overpriced stupid yuppie-condo. Maybe he is living rent free and hyper-saving! Tom has never! ever! endorsed abuse or violence! You know if he hit her, she would have sikked the police on him and he would be in the clink not a trailer!! Strong smart independent men who avoid that whole mess drive these losers nuts! Big difference between being alone and being lonely!!!
AAAAHHHH.... Listening to what I missed out on is like candy to my ears! Do not blame the professor you L-L-L-LOSER!!!

Thanks for another magical episode Father! Much love and respect to you!

Submitted by UncleKenta on

Son of uh bitch Tom!!! (I'd love to comment on Twitter on Tara Lynn's post, to contribute to the confirmation that you have said many many times over a period of decades: 'no violence!'. But my Twitter account was suspended a while back, when I called that Lonk Island Grubhub delivery woman a 'cunt' because she refused to give that man his order because she wanted an $8 tip. LMAO!!!! What?! - you can't use the word cunt on twatter? Ironic. lol Oh well. I consider being cancelled on Twitter a badge of honor, and I offer it up in homage to the poker cunt Curb Your Enthusiasm episode. That Twatter burner account got burnt! hahaaaaaaaa!!!)

Irrefutable evidence is out there: Any crazy bitch can go onto YouTube and listen to the endless times Tom said 'no violence' on his past terrestrial radio shows. But they don't.

I take great pleasure in seeing this Tara bitch suffer the consequences of her very poor choice in men. Cunt deserved her own demise. Decades of women getting everything they want and ask for, and WOMEN STILL AREN'T HAPPY! Idiot INDEED! Fuckin' aye Tom!!! You say things men can't say anymore. Tara, and all the bitches like her: "Fuuuuuuuuuuck YOU!"

Crazy. Fuckin. Broads: The beautiful, terrible, ironic, deadly, tragic reality of women. Truth.
Thank you Tom.

Submitted by Campbellsoup2013 on

Tom, I never had the honor of listening to your show live on 97.1 KLSX-FM. During the COVID-19 quarantine I have been playing catch up, listening to some of your radio classics on Youtube and I am truly amazed by how great your content is. You were literally doing a public service announcement across the airwaves to young men. The topics you touched on were edgy and I love how you skewer the stupid bitches that called in. In this hypersensitive, politically correct world I don't think a show of that nature could ever be allowed on the airwaves now days, which is why I am ever more grateful for your podcast.

Btw my personal favorite was when some dumb bitch would call in during the Open Phone Lines and start making demands about how you should do the show and you would tell her:
"STFU darling, I am the host of the show, don't tell me how to do the show ... How about you get your own show you stupid b/tch."

Take me out African Tribal Style Tom!!