Apr 15th, 2020 | Leykis 101

HE FEELS GUILTY FOR BREAKING UP WITH HER Tom receives a letter from a guy who moved in with a single mother of 3, made her a mother of 4, and has now decided to break up with her. And he's feeling soooooo guilty! After all, he says, she might end up homeless! Find out what Your Professor has to say about that.

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Submitted by TallTim on

God, what a fucking mess.

This dude is a simp. Never, ever, play second-fiddle to anyone. Ever. That should have been the dealbreaker (in addition to being a single mother).

She'll just use that dude until the funds run dry, then off to another guy, and another. Sympathy for these bitches is misplaced. He shouldn't be paying for a goddamned thing.

Sometimes you can't help some people, and this dude is totally 'effed.

Submitted by beastiedogz on

Only went out with a single mom when I was 20. Got into Tom and never looked back. I'm in my 40s now.

Submitted by Joanlara13 on

I'm trying to get signed up, but I don't know what else or what is next to do. Get back to me, or help me out.

Submitted by BIDEN2020 on

Sounds like that brain dead shy guy got laid once then played forever by a baby factory lady..hope you like going to court, paying lawyers & child support payments...for next 20 yrs

Submitted by gokusan on

What a blue pilled simp white knight cuck mangina pussy beggar fool, he didn't listen to Tom and now he is going to pay the price SMH and I would love it if Tom had Coach Greg Adams on as a guest on his podcast in the future. Greg Adams is what Tom Leykis would be if he were a black man IMO :) Thanks again Dad and keep up the great work that you continue to do for us. I will always Support The Tom Leykis Show podcast as well as the Gary and Dino Show podcast for as long as they choose to do it.