Sep 23rd, 2019 | Leykis 101

YOUR PROFESSOR ANSWERS LISTENER QUESTIONS Also, count the mistakes as a listener recounts his attempts at a relationship with a recovering drug addict and alcoholic... and ends up moving her in! An extra long episode!

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Submitted by suede_senator on

I'm getting my morning started by listening to this and thinking to myself, "Are we sure this guy is a Leykis 101 student?" He broke every damn tenet in the rulebook and then some. He even did some things that made him even look worse to her when all was said and done.

Towards the end of the relationship, she definitely cheated on him with the model whose lily pad she eventually jumped to. Honestly, this guy should've never had sex with her in the first place since he wasn't sexually attracted to her. There were more red flags on this broad than a Communist parade in China and he looked past every single one of them.

Thanks for all you do Tom!

Submitted by TallTim on

LOL Tom, you made me laugh pretty hard with that one.

This guy messed up, big time. I have to wonder how he could have after listening to you. Blows me away. I guess when some dudes need to fuck they don't think at all.

You can lead them to water Tom, but they sometimes don't drink.

Submitted by cpk on

A monument to human stupidity is this story. There wasn't even any pseudo-logic justifying these stupid decisions. I've heard many many stories of both men & women putting up with insane behavior from people in relationships - but usually I'll hear some justification (stupid as it is) like "I still loved him...blah blah blah, or, I needed his help with the kids..." . but this guy, he just did stupid stuff and never even attempted to explain why! And that's because he has no idea why he engaged in such blind-ass beyond remotely stupid behavior. (He even said he wasn't attracted to her in the first place!!!) . To top it off, he ends this saga with a reiteration of much of Leykis 101 rules, now that he's seen the light. Hopefully, this time he'll actually understand the words he's writing and FOLLOW THEM! Jesus! What's so amazing is, stories like these are plentiful. If we were still in the age of printing collections of stories, you could publish a multi-volume set that rivals the old Encyclopedia Britannica. Nowadays, we can say that an entire data-center's worth of servers house the saga of stupid relationship stories. Such a waste of electricity