Dec 12th, 2022 | In the News

WHO THE FUCK IS BRITTNEY GRINER AND WHAT DID WE JUST DO? Is there any such thing as a "WNBA star"? Was trading a Russian prisoner for her a good idea?



Submitted by artbell1 on

Hello Tom!

I agree with you, Britney Griner being exchanged for a Russian Viktor Bout is an outrage.

We have other Americans in worse situations being railroaded into foreign prisons where the US Government does nothing to help them.

The link above details the story of the Stephenson brothers in Ecuador. I personally have attempted to mention their plight to a few US Senators who have done nothing to help.

I guess they don't have the right characteristics to be helped. It is indeed a shame.

Submitted by skycrab on

Hashish, not CBD. And again, she didn't deny doing it, she just said it was an oopsie.

Submitted by masterautotech on

Britney Griner Committed a crime. she broke the law. the country has a right to lock her up if she committed a crime. she admitted that the drugs are her drugs. if the Russians said she needs to be punished she should be. why should she be given special treatment? And the us government made a terrible deal trading her for a known criminal and arms dealer. what a load of crap this is.

Submitted by KK on

Voting for Biden?

What vision?

What priorities?

'Get Griner home safely no matter what.'

You helped make this happen Tom.

Submitted by John Nett on

I suppose now we're going to trade him for the Russian assassin Vadim Krasikov. Putin wants him back.

Dopey Americans putting their country in embarrassing situations like entering communist countries is just stupid. They set themselves up for bogus accusations, charges, trials, incarceration. The Russian Federation is the sworn mortal enemy of the U.S.

Stay out of those places but mostly, Don't Be Stupid.

Submitted by Tricky713me on

Britney Griner is a "star" because she's black and a lesbian. If it had been a WHITE basketball player... he/she would have ROTTED.
(And skycrab is right. It was HASH. Not CBD. Hash is illegal in the USA as well. Pot is 12% THC. Hash is 90% THC.)
Britney Griner is a scumbag drug addict.