Aug 24th, 2021 | In the News

ANTIVAXXER PHIL VALENTINE DEAD OF COVID He knew better than the rest of us. On his blog, he said, "I’m just using common sense. What are my odds of getting COVID? They’re pretty low. What are my odds of dying from COVID if I do get it? Probably way less than one percent." And, poof! Like a miracle, against all odds, he's DEAD! Tom weighs in.

Phil Valentine, a radio host who scoffed at Covid, then urged his followers to get vaccinated, dies.

Phil Valentine, Conservative Radio Host Who Regretted Vaccine Skepticism, Dies of COVID

Phil Valentine's Facebook page

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Submitted by Ruili84 on

Phil at his age should have gotten vaccinated because he was in a high risk group. This is all a cost benefit analysis. The mrna vaccines like Pfizer and Moderna have side effects many of which won't be known for years. Plus you need to take a booster every year due waning immunity. I am in my 30s not obese and will not take the mrna vaccines under any circumstances. I am waiting for a protein based vaccine like Novavax or deactivated virus vaccine like Valneva which is much safe and offers broader immunity than mrna which only focus on virus spikes.

Submitted by TurquoiseTurtle on

I’ve concluded that most of these anti-vaccine dweebs put up a tough guy front but in reality their all complete soy boy pussified mama’s boys.

Submitted by Dditzhazy on

I need you guys to accept me for my own opinion. I don't plan to get the covid vaccine and my doctor agrees that it is not necessary for me. That's a private conversation between me an a good doctor. He is an oncologist and uses alternative treatments to keep his patients alive during life and death medical challenges.

So I ask you guys who say that I'm a bad person for not getting vaxed to simply accept my decision, and say nothing if you feel strongly about it and think you might offend me. You're not going to change my mind, and why would you want to hurt my feelings even if you think you're right? We're all in the same community here - the Leykis 101 community. We all love Tom for what he's done for us over the years. But no matter how much Tom has schooled me over the years on so many different topics, this is one thing he hasn't changed my mind on.

So I just ask that Tom be kind to me despite our difference of opinion on this important subject. G-d bless you all!

Submitted by UncleKenta on

Your doctor, is a quack, and you are a selfish ignorant asshole. Alternative medicine. Go fuck yourself. Selfish naive people like you deserve to die so the species can go on without you. Fucking anti-vax moron. Thanks for making this pandemic much worse then it has to be asshole. YOU are part of the problem. Jerk.

Submitted by Tomisafuck on

Maybe a wife beater should stop taking the moral high ground