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ADMITTED DRUG AND FOOD ADDICT PICKS ON LOS ANGELES SMALL BUSINESS When she can't burp out another hit record, whining attention whore and "fluidly sexual" druggie Demi Lovato turns her attention to doing what she can to ruin a Los Angeles frozen yogurt shop already reeling from the COVID-19 pandemic. Tom, tackling his own food issues, weighs in.<--break->

A Timeline of the Demi Lovato and Bigg Chill Frozen Yogurt Controversy

Demi Lovato's Instagram rant

Feeling the chill, Demi Lovato apologizes for blasting an L.A. frozen-yogurt shop

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Submitted by John Nett on

They were not raised properly. Most of them should never have been born. Whether it is driving with their cell phones in their faces, while pointing their 4000 pound cars at my body, or running their arrogant mouths, their just scum in my opinion. They seem to have a pseudo empathetic manner about them. They are phonies, not capable of being humiliated like so many others in the public spotlight. Me-Me people as I have always called them, are the worst and they are supported by their vast minions who also lack decent traits of bearing and behavior. What ever happened to minding your own fucking business?

Submitted by yamamotd on

Hey - wouldn't it be ironic that her rant increases the revenue at the Bigg Chill? That would be the best literal & poetic justice!
Appreciate Tom's giving background as to her totally rude & self-centered bluster and totally agree with "johnnett" & his observations.
Unfortunately, she continued to double down rather than exit gracefully after her first thoughtless post. Yup, she continued until probably her publicist warned her to tone it down. Normally, better late than never -- but in her case, even her "apology" sounded empty & hollow and completely insincere because even her "sorry" reeked of arrogance.

Submitted by TomLeykisNNN on

"I'm so sorry you didn't get what I was saying! So yeah, I guess I'm apologizing. Pay more attention next time I'm talking!' -- Demi Lovato

Submitted by yamamotd on

Yeah -- I don't get you, Semi-Demi. Do you ever really listen to yourself? So yeah, I guess you don't get it.
{Good quote, Tom! Captures her essence in its entirety.}

Submitted by UncleKenta on

Demi who? Honestly have no idea who she is. Nor do I care. But I am enjoying the train wreck. I will pay good money to watch celebrity heads exploding. ha haaaaaa! Love watching this entire social media'd, canceled'd, offended'd, triggered'd, narcissistic cult of personality world implode on itself. I watched her whole video. Wow what a bat shit crazy cunt. Yikes. "Wooooo! She blow'd up good!" "Yeah! She blow'd up real good!" - SCTV Farm Film Report