Sep 30th, 2020 | In the News

WHOSE FAULT IS IT THAT THIS "SOCIAL DYNAMO" IS DEAD? "Jolenna Favor lived her life like an energetic, caring social dynamo, holding down two jobs and recording a podcast with her friends — all while doting on her 11-year-old son," said the New York Daily News. But what role did this single mother whose child has special needs play in her own death?

‘She was just a real beautiful soul': Victim in Queens DWI crash remembered as vibrant, outgoing

Drunken, unlicensed driver with history of DUI arrests kills passenger in 97 MPH Queens wreck: prosecutors

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Submitted by 5678fredginger on

Tom, be a great example if you share B. Taylor story and how she hooked up with a felon.

Submitted by Akocan35 on

It pisses me off so much seeing today 's society defends women like they are saints! All women here in this country gets raised like princess, their shit doesn't stink and I believe giving them so many privileges over men causes them to develop phycological disorders. I really do! Those bitches being spoiled so much growing up and they know they can get away with anything! Until shit hits the fan, in her case, it was hooking up with a douche bag and getting in his car knowing dude was drunk. Well, sorry lady, I am sad you lost your life but seems like what was coming for her was pretty obvious...

Submitted by misterdgc on

Guess guys that like to get drunk and drive 97 MPH are like catnip... To quote father Tom: Jerk, Moron, A-hole; three things that make a guy irresistible! But tells all who will listen; wish I could meet a nice guy! Rest in peace, hope next time around works out better...