May 2nd, 2020 | In the News

"I WANNA GO TO THE BEACH!" That's what all the Trumptards and the guys with the AR-15s and the Confederate flags are whining about. Tom has a compromise that could solve this dispute immediately and permanently!

What do you think? Let Tom have it:



Submitted by TallTim on

Newsome isn't having much luck keeping people off of Cali beaches, lol.

And the protests follow, because whaddaya know, people are sick of staying indoors:

Its almost like people enjoy freedom, who would've guessed? And with the mortality rate impacting mostly those 60 and older, I'm not surprised. Remember when quarantines were about sheltering the ill and potentially vulnerable?

Its been amusing watching these governors, you get a good sense of how they handle situations (or not, lol).

Submitted by TallTim on

... a death rate (excluding the geezers from 50 - 100) of about 0.03%, instead of about 4% when you include every nursing home.

Its pretty obvious why people are sick of it, isolate the vulnerable, let some people make a living -- since they have zero savings and are piling on into unemployment, etc.

As for the holepunch idea, pretty funny. Sounds like something Maduro would come up with.

Submitted by mike8643 on

Just one problem, your idea makes too much sense.

Submitted by deweydec on

"Have the courage of your convictions." "Pay for your ignorance." I absolutely agree.

Submitted by Farleyeye on

Tom I agree. In fact, I would expand on your idea. As states start to re-open, I would include grocery stores and all other public places. If you are not wearing a mask you get your license punched! I was at Sams Club today and 50% of people were not wearing a mask. PUNCH THEIR DAMN LICENSE! No hospital care for you!