Feb 27th, 2020 | In the News

EVEN MORE RENT CONTROL? A renter's group in Santa Ana, CA thinks California's rent control doesn't go far enough! So they're trying to get a measure on the ballot that will limit rent increases to only 3% or just 80% of the rate of inflation. What about the property rights of the people who own rental properties including many middle class families?

Here is the piece from LAist that lays the Santa Ana proposal out.

Here is the Facebook thread Tom discusses in this episode where you can join in.

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Submitted by Campbellsoup2013 on

Part of the reason why rent and housing prices are so high in California is because of the POS nepotistic fucks that ALREADY own their home have pressured (and even bribed) cities to restrict building and growth so these rich entitled fucks can “enjoy their view” and keep their own property values high. That’s what’s truly disgusting, it’s F.U. economics at its worst.

Also, many of these arrogant baby boomers that were defaulting on their mortgages during the 2009 crash were given (as they always are) a bunch of breaks and free passes. My arrogant Republican baby boomer uncle was allowed to stay in his home for 2 years without paying a penny on his mortgage.

This is just another example of baby boomers screwing everyone over and then they wonder why Bernie Sanders is the Democratic front runner. Millennials are totally fed up, all boomers do is bilk the system, take zero responsibility for fucking everything up and then they wonder why the country is so divided.

Steve Bannen (Republican strategist) even confessed that millennials are the “modern day Russian surfs, because they own nothing and have nothing”. And no, it’s not because we’re lazy and entitled, it’s because the older generations have completely fucked us.

You wanna talk about personal responsibility Tom? How about baby boomers start taking some personal responsibility for destroying the environment, running up the national debt, dragging us into stupid wars in the Middle East that accomplished nothing (that were financed on a credit card), collapsing the economy in 2009, and fucking young people over by charging them astronomical higher education costs. I wonder if any baby boomer will actually have the temerity to take accountability for any of the shit storm you guys caused.

Submitted by TomLeykisNNN on

...didn't do or advocate any of those things. You are simply a hateful ageist. I earned everything I have. And you haven't.

Submitted by TallTim on

California man, they've got the weather and the chicks, but fuck me if they do the stupidest things when it comes to housing.

Rent control means as a landlord you have ZERO incentive to improve your property. It also means developers have ZERO incentive to push out new buildings -- if the insane local govt will even let them -- so you get a bunch of renters paying way below market rate, while supply is dwindling.

California is going to have a hard reckoning, and I mean beyond municipalities filing for bankruptcy. I'm talking a big 'ol CALPERs going tits-up emergency kind of problem. People are leaving CA in greater and greater numbers, which means the remaining tax base has to support all those progressively worse taxes.

Like the frog in the pot, anyone staying in California is about to get boiled alive.