Feb 7th, 2020 | In the News

RUSH LIMBAUGH'S LUNG CANCER DIAGNOSIS Tom has a complicated history with and complex feelings about fellow talk radio personality Rush Limbaugh. Hear some things you never knew about Rush and Tom, Tom's reaction to Rush's cancer diagnosis, and find out why it's hard for him to feel badly for Rush.

Here is the song (along with others of its kind) that KFI Radio used to play ad infinitum before Tom Leykis and Rush Limbaugh were heard in tandem in Los Angeles radio beginning in 1988: KFI had about one percent of the Southern California radio audience at that time.


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Submitted by TallTim on

Sounds like to me you regret the "slow fade" that happened between you two. Regardless of differing views, you knew the guy and were colleagues.

What I miss now in this day and age is the ability to look past people's opinions and understand you're dealing with a flawed human who's gonna die eventually, just like we all are.

But it seems if you're on the "wrong side" you get ostracized and ridiculed. That pendulum will swing back the other way, but right now its very wide in its arc.

Submitted by BrianM on

Thank you Tom. I remember the early days of you and Rush on KFI , especially the Meeting of the Mouths. I remember how you defended Rush when trolls interrupted his guest hosting of The Pat Sajak Show. Your thoughts here confirm what I always thought of Rush. His bluster was overcompensation for his insecurity. I don’t celebrate his illness, but don’t think he deserves the Medal of Freedom either.

Submitted by Faithful LIstener on

It's almost like Limbaugh is two people; easy-going, got your six, good guy who comes to your aid when he didn't have to, and business empire who doesn't have time for anything other than straight-ahead business. Tom talked of how he keeps in touch with a lot of people he used to work with.He doesn't have to, but it's born, in part, from being the guy who had to borrow money to move to Staunton, Va., and work in a demeaning, degrading environment with a dirty green telephone with a lock on it. There are people Tom worked with who have considered suicide, or, worse, committed suicide. Tom talks with them to try to help them. I don't see Rush the Business Empire doing that. To Rush, I suspect. it's nothing personal, it's just there aren't enough zeroes behind a relationship with Tom to keep in touch with him. Too bad, but the people Tom used to work with, who Tom talked out of taking their lives, are the true measure of humanity. Think Rush would return their calls? Really?

Submitted by alexgoncharov on

These are some of my favorite episodes, hearing legends of the radio industry. Keep them coming

Submitted by arobles on

You are so right. The radio with controversy was really great radio. Not just then but it would be now. Especially with callers.Rush takes calls, you took calls and Hannity ( spelled?) takes calls. No one else does call in shows. It was riveting. Two passionate people on opposite sides of an issue can not be a bad thing. Trumpitus and Trumpets / insane shows. Really going insane are vegans about cruelty to cows, pigs and chickens. They really have valid claims. Although, cure the mistreatment. Do not force everyone into a meat free diet. That would rock and roll.
About Rush, lung cancer is super deadly. These days it is possible to live, with multi layers of treatment, nutrition, boosting immunity, mind “meditation”, and heavy drugs, so many are cured from what was a sure death in the past. So much depends on the individual and where the cancer started. My friend had lung cancer, already moving to her brain. It was actually cervical cancer. She is still cancer free, 20 years, she is in her 90s. I was sure she was going to die.
It is very hard, in these times, for anything to go the right way. What is right is now wrong. Everything is corrupt. Very soon there will be total collapse. While the end of the earth is not going to happen. There will be people, governments, globally there is going to be wide spread death and destruction. It is like when Rome fell. They were inside out with corruption and imploded. See Dick run. Run Dick run. See Jane run, Run Jane run. See Dick and Jane turn to dust. Bye,bye Dick and Jane. God I miss you TOM.