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MASS SHOOTING CARNAGE CONTINUES Three major mass shootings in a week. Two within a 24-hour period. 32 dead. Scores injured. Why does this keep happening? Will it ever end? Tom lays it all out.

Don't read it if you don't want to! The godawful "manifesto" from the alleged El Paso shooter.

What's your take on all these mass shootings? Tom wants to know:




Submitted by TallTim on

Tom, I'm a bit surprised. Hiding at home? Avoiding crowds? What is up with that < soundboard effect "pussssy" > shit? I've seen the sands shifting, and I got armed. I refuse to be a sitting duck.

Its simple. Criminals and the crazy idiots will always get a gun, no matter what. By hook or crook, as they say. Logically, you have to level the field by getting armed yourself. In the one shooting where the police were right on the scene, the good guys stopped the carnage in short order -- but will they always be around? No, its impossible.

Think you can hide at home and the fight won't come to your door? If anything, I you're more vulnerable as response to a 911 call would take time in a remote location.

Big cities like LA, Chicago, New York have some of the most stringent gun laws, and yet the bullets fly every weekend.

Get smart Tom, get armed. Whiners don't get results, taking personal agency and doing it right does.

Submitted by MimiB on

Banning assault weapons.... the ones that can now down 300 people in ten minutes should be banned. It’s a great start... even the El Paso shooter admitted Europe {can’t stand up for itself like he was doing} because of their laws.
Stricter restrictions would eventually put a dent in this madness... You’re absolutely right.... laws won’t stop gun violence. All laws are broken daily.... but we still have them

Submitted by TallTim on

I get it, guns are an emotional topic. "Banning" anything just shifts the balance to the people who don't care about the rule of law.

Look at LA, Chicago, New York City. Chicago in particular has the strictest laws, and yet every day people are getting killed on the south and west sides of the city. An armed citizen is a deterrent to crime. Being armed means you take your own personal safety seriously. It also provides immediate response when there is no time to wait for the police to arrive.

I can only encourage people to not foster a victim mindset. Think "shelter in place" is going to do jack shit when the next mental patient decides to go out in a blaze of glory? The only adequate response is getting armed, getting trained, and having a backbone.

Anything else is just allowing the bad guys a free pass.

Submitted by macspectrum on

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Submitted by Nobody of note on

Yes, we need to do something. But nobody knows what the fuck to do about about all these people who hate themselves and hate the world so much that the only thing they want to do is kill themselves and take as many innocent victims as they possibly can with them. Will America ever agree on a solution to this problem? No, because we can't even agree on what the fucking problem is. Is it a gun problem? No, semi-automatic weapons have been accessible to Americans for nearly a century and this shit has only become a problem in the past 20 years. Hell, the mass shooting that started it all happened in 1999, smack dab in the middle of the most comprehensive assault weapons ban in the history of the nation. Is a mental health problem? Maybe, and maybe the solution is going back in time to when insane asylums and lobotomies were perfectly acceptable methods of mental health care. Is it a video game problem? Almost certainly not and anyone who thinks so is talking out of their ass and has done absolutely zero research into the matter. The bottom line is that nobody fucking knows. A lot of bad stars have to align for a rational human being to go so far off the deep end that they decide to exit the world stage left and become a mass murder on their way out. And until we figure out and AGREE on what the fuck really happened to America in the 20th century to make the 21st century such a fucking nightmare, it'll be a nightmare from which none of us will ever wake up.

Submitted by MimiB on

Mental illness occurs across the world and they don’t have the number of mass shootings we do. Restrictions (such as the number of weapons a person has.... you can’t have 100 cats but can have 100 guns?) are a beginning. We have to start somewhere.... nobody threw their hands up in the air an proclaimed “what can we do?” after 911.... this ain’t rocket science

Submitted by Nobody of note on

With that kind of humility and iron-clad logic, you should have absolutely no problem convincing the slight majority of Americans that support gun rights that the "shall not be infringed" part of the Second Amendment really means "may be infringed if someone else breaks the law" and that "The right of the people to keep and bear arms" is actually a privilege contingent on collective good behavior. Let me know how that goes for you.

Submitted by MimiB on

Tom’s absolutely correct.... we need to stand up like our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico. You can barely get anyone to walk a picket line for their own self interests... so idk. We’re too comfortable...& I’m not trying to wait till this violence hits close to home. I wrote my congresswoman yesterday and will be writing my senator.
I’ve been searching the Internet for protests here in Cali....
and in DC when I was there last year. I have vacation time and funds to fly anywhere in this country and am down to protest whenever

Submitted by cpk on

I would refer people to this story by NPR from last year: . how the GOP-led congress back in the 90s helped to effectively shut down research into gun violence. What has that done? Well, we sit here and say "we don't know what to do about this problem" . Of course we don't! That's because there are virtually no studies, no information, nothing to guide us! F'n ridiculous. Both of my senators have voiced support for passing legislation to allow the CDC to do research on gun violence, along with a slate of other bills recently passed by the House. BUT, if your senator does NOT support this, get your ass on the phone and call their office and tell them to do their f'ing job! As for avoiding public spaces, I can't blame ya Tom. Whenever I have to go shopping, I usually go late at night, an hour or less before they close (mainly cause I hate people being in my way) and at least, with fewer people there, less likely to be a target, cause these shooters want to kill as many as possible so they pick crowded venues. Lastly, how many folks out there with CCWs do training every week on shooting moving targets under stress? Few. Being able to shoot beer cans out in the desert doesn't mean you'll be able to take out some ahole wearing full-body armor (like the Dayton shooter) with an AR-15. It took a bunch of police (who do this training 1, 2X week) to do it. Simply having a CCW is just being lulled into a false sense of security.

Submitted by itscaping on


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