Dec 20th, 2018 | In the News

"WHY I HATE THE HOMELESS" 2018 you thought you'd heard the last of it. But NO! A brand new chapter in the saga is here! Leykis listeners bare their souls about peace and joy and love for their fellow man this holiday season. Warm up the eggnog, light up the tree and strap yourself in as our listeners tell you "Why I Hate The Homeless"!

UPDATE: calls continued to come in and so we added them towards the end in a revised episode! If you've already heard it, enjoy listening again!



Submitted by Krymedogg211@gm... on

Why I hate the homeless??
I caught a motherfucker taking a shit at the rear entrance door to my office in mid stroke...I made him cut it off and pick that "shit" up....
I didn't care if it was cold and he had no toilet paper. I am sure it wasn't his first time. I shouted to him in my former police voice. Made him cut his shit and stand up and pull his drawers up.
Young enough to fucking get a job as well. Piece of shit.

Submitted by Liontos on

Tom excited to 45 minutes of show but cut at 20 I think you owe us 25 minutes bonus show ;). Great show love ya Niko

Submitted by nihal on

The Christmas bells in the background of the callers were distracting and annoying. I couldn't understand some of the things the callers were saying. Also a lot of things the callers were saying were immoral and unethical. I understand that homeless people are pieces of shits but there are homeless people who really do need money and just need to learn the financial art of Tom Leyis!

Submitted by kevintitus81 on

The music in the background is exactly what MAKES this shit hillarious.

Submitted by MimiB on

Even though I think some of these story’s were awful... I couldn’t help but laugh to the point of tears... the Christmas bells in the background was a perfect contrast

Submitted by TallTim on

I was a bit too late and the train pulled out of the station, but here's my message typed up:

I'll tell you why I hate the homeless, because they represent people who have given up trying. In my life, I've been poor, buying bread for 50 cents and taking nothing but baked beans to lunch because I couldn't afford anything else. I know what its like to pay my rent and have almost nothing left - living in the shittiest neighborhood because its cheap. I've been there.

So when I see someone begging, and they don't have any obvious impairment, their legs work and their arms and hands. I get mad. I've worked hard for everything I have in life, and I didn't ask for a free ride from anyone. So why should they get anything from me? Not to mention the legions of scammers out there that are getting govt benefits, but then choose to have their hand out so they can get more, instead of trying to improve themselves.

I remember seeing one guy begging that weighed what had to be 300+ pounds. How the hell do you get that fat if you can't afford to eat? Its bullshit.

And that is what I despise the most -- the fucking gall of these lazy motherfuckers where their first impulse is to burden someone else.

Fuck that shit.

And I'd like to add one more thing. Being homeless is supposd to suck. It has to be a negative outcome, so you're scared shitless of it happening to you. You should be willing to do ANYTHING to not be homeless. Just like prison, if there isn't a negative outcome, then people simply won't care and you'll see what you have now -- a shitload of freeloaders with their hands out.

Love the show tom, keep up the good work.

Submitted by kenwood9065 on

Fuck the homeless, gladiator style games is what they deserve. More so, broken fingers to anyone who gives and contributes to the degenerate behaviour of these stray animals.

Submitted by Big Smoo on

I hate the fucking homeless and I can't wait until the Tesla Flamethrowers come out so that we can spread some holiday warmth and cheer with some friendly napalm.

Submitted by californiawillie on

So glad you did this segment again. I missed it so much. Definitely warms my heart for the holidays.

Submitted by kenwood9065 on

Build a fire for a bum; he has warmth for the night. Light a bum on fire and he will be warm for the rest of his pathetic life.

Submitted by on

Thanks for keeping it alive Tom. Always a fav show topic through the years. I hate the homeless. I live in the Bay Area, and I am not exaggerating when I say that I cannot go into public for any reason...any reason without having a homeless guy in my face. They do not want spare change. They want a buck or two. They are now sleeping in front of Starbucks in Emeryville for F's sake. I am running to work. Put in a mobile order for a black coffee. It's like a haunted maze at Knott's Scary Farm to get into the F'n place to grab a coffee and get the F out. That's become the new Norm in SF/Oakland. Fuck the Homeless. I cannot buy beer at CVS without feeling like I am going to get jumped by 3 angry homeless dudes every time I pop the trunk. Fuck the homeless.

Submitted by MGTOW Gamer on

Ive seen homeless people shit out public in NYC subway system: twice in between the subway cars and once on the station platform.

Submitted by tannydavid on

Just Wednesday, I was passing through an intersection and to my left was an angry man (homeless?) walking on the island towards the back of a car waiting in the left lane and pounding the trunk door with his fist. I'll just make right turns from now on to avoid these psychos.