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WHY BAN ONE CHRISTMAS SONG AND NOT ANOTHER? a radio station in Cleveland says it has banned the holiday favorite song, Baby, It's Cold Outside because, it says, it has received complaints about the song in light of the so-called #MeToo movement. But is that the only potentially "offensive" Christmas song? Listen and decide for yourself!

Here is an article Tom used to prepare for this episode: 'Baby It's Cold Outside' pulled from Cleveland radio station amid #MeToo movement.

Baby, It's Cold Outside first appeared in the 1949 MGM film Neptune's Daughter where it was performed by two couples, one played by Esther Williams and Ricardo Montalbán, and the other played by Betty Garrett and, of all people, comedian Red Skelton, and in their version, the roles of the predator and the pressured are reversed! This song won the Academy Award for Best Song in 1949. Take a look at the original movie clip and pay attention to the lyrics as well.

On the other hand, Santa Baby was originally recorded by Eartha Kitt with Henri René and his orchestra in July 1953. Take a listen to the song and its lyrics here. If Baby, It's Cold Outside should be banned from being played on radio, shouldn't Santa Baby also be banned?

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Submitted by TallTim on

This is just another in a long line of things that convince me we're in societal decline.

"Baby It's Cold Outside" is a song about a guy trying to convince a girl he likes to stay. But to hear it from other sources, you'd think he threw her in the cabin and locked the door, telling her he's going to have is way with her whether she likes it or not.

Considering when the song was made, 1949, puts it in another light. Back then, women cared about not looking like complete sluts and whores. If she even had the glimmer of an idea that she didn't want this guy to be around, she'd walk out of the door first, afraid of what people might think of her for being easy.

As you know Tom, things have changed considerably. This song is innocent banter between two consenting adults. I see zero problem with it.

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As an aside, I've been listening to your old archives and I LOVE this segment from your 2012 April 6th Show - Hour 3 - About 12 minutes and a few seconds in.

Link -

Your rant on the stupidity of women who like the Kardashians and "chick news" had me laughing my ass off. For those that haven't heard it, give it a listen, its hilarious.

Submitted by xboxown on

What you said is not true! All Tom Leykis did in that link you pasted is him ranging on the stupidity of women who like the kardashian shows!

Submitted by TallTim on

Maybe re-read the last line:

"Your rant on the stupidity of women who like the Kardashians and "chick news" had me laughing my ass off."

How is that not true again? Its okay, maybe you just missed that part. Too funny, though.

Submitted by nihal on

I completely agree with this. I am so sick of our modern society restricting based on popular offense.