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"IT'S TOO SOON TO TALK ABOUT IT, TOM!" Oh really? Why was Borderline shooter Ian David Long allowed to move freely among those of us who don't have mental health problems? How was a guy with a history of police intervention able to purchase a Glock? And what are we going to do about it?

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What can we do for you?

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It's never too soon!

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Long-standing tradition we have!

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Years ago I did Atkins diet around when Tom did it and I lost weight and went to Cancun and had confidence with the ladies was fun. My question is I recently gained weight again so Tom what diet did you use this time? Or anyone else know?

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Read somewhere that the FBI had talked to this guy, but didn't think he was at risk -- so they didn't opt to confiscate his access to weapons, etc..

Where is the accountability? I'd love to know what happened when they interviewed him prior to this whole horrific event.

Anyone know more about this?

Submitted by TomLeykisNNN on was the local police who interviewed him and decided he wasn't a threat. Also terrible.

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There's a legislative stalemate because there is dishonesty and ignorance on both sides. For the NRA, they need to stand ground because Michael Bloomberg's anti-gun campaign is full of lies and deceit. They feel any concession they give nudges the needle towards a complete gun ban (which is what Bloomberg wants). There won't be any common sense laws passed until both sides can have an open and honest conversation.

It should be noted that this shooter probably did not have a concealed carry permit, because that requires a full background check and psychological exams based on interviews with the Sheriff. The guy would have never passed any of these checks. So your point was legitimate. This could have only been prevented at the point of purchase. And what government agency approves the sale of guns to individuals? The FBI. There's no state level organization that can control the sale of guns except to mandate certain restrictions. What you're asking for is a MASSIVE national level campaign that I never see happening for the above reasons.

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Hello Tom,
Long time subscriber/never called (I live in Australia and am working during the day). I was wondering if you will ever read input on both Twitter and Emails again. I really enjoyed that May 22nd episode.

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(Quoted inexactly of course) If we don't pass gun legislation that works we're going to end up with gun laws that actually do ruin our second amendment rights.