Guest Interviews

Guest Interviews

Hour 1: Tom gets opinions on child molestation in the wake of allegations against "19 Kids and Counting" star Josh Duggar. Hour 2: The discussion of child molesters continued. Hour 3: Tom discussed the California drought.


Hour 1: David Letterman retiring prompts Tom to ask if anyone cares. Hour 2: Tom gives important reasons why he chose not to have children and why you shouldn't try to control anyone. Hour 3: Tom talks to those who've tried to control others and/or have been controlled by others and those who are responsible for themselves.


Hour 1: Should alimony be abolished? Hour 2: The need for alimony and marriage is questioned. Hour 3: People react to a Tom Leykis ad appearing on a terrestrial radio's web page.


Hour 1: What do you think of the 2016 election? Hour 2: Tom talked religion and atheism with Recovering From Religion's Sarah Moorehead. Hour 3: Unscreened calls.


Hour 1: Gustavo Arellano, Editor of the OC Weekly joins Tom in studio. Hour 2: Ask a Mexican with Gustavo Arellano. Hour 3: Be funny.


Hour 1: What do you think of the rioters in Baltimore? Hour 2: The discussion about the riots in Baltimore continued. Hour 3: More on the rioters in Baltimore.


Hour 1: Is singer Sam Smith right to be more offended by the word "fat" than "faggot"? Hour 2: More on which word is worse - "fat" or "faggot". Hour 3: Your self esteem is YOUR problem!


Hour 1: Tom discusses all aspects of dating. Hour 2: More on dating today. Hour 3: Tom talks to women only.


Hour 1: An article called "5 Reasons We Can't Handle Marriage Anymore" is about 17 years too late. Hour 2: More on why you shouldn't get married. Hour 3: Tom talks with those using the new app.


Hour 1: Fast food workers again are lobbying for $15 an hour. Hour 2: More discussion of wages in the fast food industry. Hour 3: Tom previews the 3rd anniversary party coming up this Thursday.