Apr 17th, 2020 | Guest Interviews

CORONAVIRUS: HERE COME THE SCAMMERS! Due to COVID-19, you're not driving very many miles right now. Should you have to be paying full price for your car insurance? Maybe you bought tickets to a cruise that was cancelled. Why won't the cruise companies give you a full refund? Los Angeles Times business reporter David Lazarus has these answers and more.

Coronavirus has created opportunities for, shall we say, quirky cures

Why isn’t car insurance cheaper as we all stay home?

No coronavirus refund but credit for a future cruise? Are you kidding?

When even the Girl Scouts can’t get a coronavirus refund, something’s very wrong

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Submitted by padres74 on

Informative and persuasive show Tom. Please continue using your platform to spread the truth regarding the COVID fallout. I read in EdWeek that (Headline)-- Draconian Cuts to Schools (K-12) Could Come As Soon As This Summer.

Submitted by TallTim on

If this shutdown extends past end of May into June, you're going to see economic carnage unlike anything ever witnessed.

Mr Lazarus makes the emotional argument, naturally, but leaving out all the people who are suffering and won't have a job to come back to the longer this goes on.

I'd love to know--how much unemployment is Mr Lazarus willing to bear before things get restarted? Maybe he'll change his mind when he loses HIS job?

The idea that normality comes back and jobs come back is wishful thinking.

Submitted by TallTim on

The emotional argument is that we stop the economy until no one can possibly contract the virus and die from it.

The rational argument is that killing the economy will create more despair and fallout (bankruptcies, suicides, ruined careers, jobs lost forever) than the virus will.

The balanced view would be - emphasize testing, quarantine high-risk people, but at the same time allow others who have recovered and those who are immune to participate in a functioning economy so they don't get thrown out into the street.

Quite simply, if this goes on too long you're going to see civil unrest, death and disruption like you've never seen before in your lifetime.

Would it be worth it? I don't think so, which is why restarting is becoming a high priority.