Jul 31st, 2023 | In the News

ADULT MEN WHO GO TO SEE BARBIE especially the ones wearing matching pink attire with their dates: What do you think about that?

Woman ditches date after man refuses to wear pink to see Barbie movie

Proud dad praised for wearing Barbie tutu to match daughter's outfit for movie



Submitted by xboxown on

The solution to these women is simple. Seek out a relationship with other women. Be lesbian. Date lesbian. Have lesbian relationship. Only women who are attracted to the attribute of a opposite sex should have any relationship with a real man. Any women who enforce her ideology to any man or threaten a man should be immediately disposed of. Zero tolerance policy of terrorism. Any man who do submit and cow down to women's terroristic demand it is mandatory for him to wear dress, earing and high heel to further humiliate him. Either you are a man or a male. There is no such thing as in between. Want to be submissive male then wear that pink shirt and smile. In fact, perhaps you want to experiment and start sucking <beeeeeeeep>. Who knows, you may like it. We need a filter for the perverted, abnormal, twisted and don't follow the human norm of masculine and feminine need to be separated from society who do want to follow the norm. At that point, they can have fun assigning any rules they want. They can say that all boys wear skirt and high heels and all girls wear pants and have muscles as a perverted society if they want. These perverted worlds can set a rule that only boys get pregnant (I don't know how they will achieve it). They want to go further down the gutter, they can have sex with animals or worse. But these people do not represent the norm, the gender role, these people only represent the gutter society is getting deeper and deeper into.

In the end of this crap, I am hearing and reading.... typical syndrome.... children are the one who are truly the victim here. Not one thing I have seen in society that shows anyone REALLLLY care about children. EVERYONE IS SELF-CENTERED, SELFISH, NARCASSTIC, SUN OF A <BEEEEP> AND BITCH WHO ONLY CARE AND THING ABOUT THEMSELVES AND THEIR PERVERTED DESIRES AND SELF WORTH. I see in America and the rest of the world, children are nothing more than flowers been trampled and stepped on by filthy, smell, pigs' hooves that are focused on eating it's own Fesus.

Submitted by rassteven@yahoo.com on

Unacceptable. It's beyond the pure pussification we have seen the past two decades. This is BS.

Submitted by malice on

Dearest papa, not only is the loss of masculinity affecting the world as you said, if you listen to show #1035 of the Gary and dino show, Gary literally said he is going to go see the fucking Barbie movie with his girlfriend of 7 fucking godamn years!! If they weren't your self proclaimed retarded kids as uncle Gary once put it dad, i don't fucking know if I still would be subscribed still to fucking g&d!!! I mean shit, first they start promoting all the 3rd man militia get involved in deep committed relationships & get married, & on top of that get those cunts pregnant, now uncle Gary himself is going to see the fucking Barbie movie with his girlfriend, & as he quotes, he doesn't give a fuck what anyone thinks!!! I believe you just may be even more right than you want to be father, because now even your tart kid Gary is bringing his big white sasquatch ass right into the fucking movies to go see Barbie, probably as you just completed this podcast!!! Omfg!

Submitted by aofrailey on

Did you ever see a pink Ken Doll outfit? Give me a break! I like Korean shows better than American ones these days.