Mar 11th, 2024 | Tom Talks

HOW STUPID AND DESPERATE TO FIND "LOVE" CAN PEOPLE BE? Stories abound about morons so desperate to find love, they send money to complete strangers, many of whom are grifters.

She fell for a romance scam on Facebook. The man whose photo was used says it's happened before.



Submitted by masterautotech on

I really don't like the way they put this story out. its from a female view point that only men are romance con artists and that women are help less victims and feel sorry for her. which is not true, women scam men for money also and in so many ways. the door swings both ways on this. but back to your point tom. yes I agree with you as soon as the person you are looking to get involved with starts asking for money it is over. its not worth it to pay for love. unless they are a prostitutes which when your done she goes away thank goodness. you talked about this before '! lol its so funny I even remember you said women's viagina are shaped like a ATM machine for a reason! lol well at least with a hooker you know what you are paying for.

love ya dad....!!