Feb 3rd, 2024 | In the News

TAYLOR SWIFT AND TRAVIS KELCE Is this a problem? Find out what Tom thinks!



Submitted by Zaxxon on

My issue with Taylor Swift isn't about her fame or politics. It's actually about how loyal she will be to this team in the long run. Let's be honest, if they break up, she's not going to to the Kansas City Chiefs' games anymore. In terms of sports fandom, I more admire somebody like Eminem who has been a Detroit Lions fan his whole life despite their overall poor showing through out the years.

I feel like the world has so many negative things going on with wars and AI that Taylor Swift going to a football is just the kind of light and fluffy kind of news story that America wants to hear. A billionaire who loves a football champ isn't the kind of love story that resonates with me on any level. She has had so many famous boyfriends over the years that this just doesn't even seem different or unique to me.

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Attention Wore Maybe?? . Americas new it couple Well Okay! Lets see how this plays out long term.