Jan 2nd, 2022 | In the News

WHY DO STRUGGLING WOMEN KEEP HAVING KIDS? And why aren't we allowed to talk about this? A white woman in Maine with five kids, a husband jailed for possession of child pornography, and an $8.50/hour job, complains that she can't get welfare.

States Are Hoarding $5.2 Billion in Welfare Funds Even as the Need for Aid Grows



Submitted by rg1999 on

Hello Tom,
Great to be here! Thanks for your commentary, I'm a new fan, discovered you only recently on YouTube and then binge-listened before landing here lol.
Your segment about having kids lowering your quality of life is for sure true. As a dad of only two girls, raising them has certainly come at the expense of me missing out of some things. Fast-forward 20 years (my girls are now 21 and 13) and I'm only now essentially financially free. I own a fairly large 5-bedroom red, ranch style brick house. My two cars are getting old but are all paid for, I have no debt and own multiple assets including 4 rental properties. The best part about it is I was able to build my businesses from home so I've been home pretty much all their lives. In short, while having two girls isn't always a picnic, we have an awesome relationship and to be honest, the sacrifice of not having more luxury things in the past, was no sacrifice at all. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

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I really think they do it because they can't keep a man around and thus are deathly afraid of being alone so now they have all these kids dependent on them for a very long time, half of this bitches kids will be still living with her till their 30s probably. When I see women with a bunch of kids they are usually very toxic their kids are their "best friends" etc.

Submitted by Phoenix Redemptio 50 on

Copulating and reproducing is the inherent purpose of a female. In fact, child bearing is their prime "biological imperative". In the absence of strong social, cultural, educational, and institutional influences, they will spread their legs and create children. They have a strong urge to do this. Similar to the urge that drives us (as men) to want to have sex with all attractive women. This was important when the species' survival was in jeopardy but clearly not necessary now. Low class women reproduce excessively because they never matured into adults that can self-actualize in other ways. These same women have to problem at all with society paying their child-rearing costs. They are truly "adult-children".