Jun 21st, 2019 | Guest Interviews

THE BOY CRISIS Why are today's men a bunch of pussies? Why are men falling behind in so many ways from being outnumbered by women in colleges to crippling political correctness? In what ways do single mothers fail their sons? Why are there more incels and serial killers today? Why are men today often pigeonholed as nothing but a bunch of rapists, predators, and mansplainers? Frequent Tom Leykis Show guest Dr. Warren Farrell joins Tom with the answers!

Click here to read about and even get a copy of Dr. Warren Farrell's new book The Boy Crisis. 

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Submitted by gigs1777 on

This book is a must buy. Check it out on Amazon then look at the few 1 and 2 star ratings it got. Of course they are from single mothers, blaming the deadbeat dads. Who chose those men, sweetheart? Keep up the good work, Tom!

Submitted by xboxown on

My advice is move toward only birthing baby girls until there is a crisis in ways that the entire world sees it. All 52 states of USA have 98% population all females and they are not finding a husband or getting married and all these women are single, with single mothers or acting lesbian or have zero skills in dealing with the opposite sex. Let the strike continue for the male gender and drop your population even more until terms of toxic masculinity, attack of masculinity and feminization are removed from society, media, school, etc.

If that doesn't stop and get worse...then have the entire population of USA 100% female and build wall around them where there are no men or male allowed entry to the Amazonian country...let them deal with themselves...that is not the problem of men at all! It sure is not my problem. I cannot save all the boys on Earth but if I can adopt one and take care of him and make him into strong, self confident man who don't need a woman...to me I have saved all men! If other men think like this and each men out there adopt one or two boys to raise and take care off.....boy crisis will go away!

Submitted by debassman on

Having he Dr. Farrell in was a very nice touch. I hope you are able to bring in more and more guests from time to time to enhance the Podcast. It was also the correct length, kept me entertained and had good content. Kudos Tom!

Submitted by dnoyes on

These interviews you do from time to time are great! Thanks!


Submitted by panc1974 on


All of your episodes are great. Some are better than others - but they are all great. Of all of your episodes, this is near the top - might even be the best. I loved your interview with Dr. Warren Farrell. I know on May 15th, the web side will be shut down. However, I hope some how, you can make this episode available. Maybe if you get back with a show in some form or fashion, (YouTube, radio, Netflix or a TV show) you need to interview Dr. Warren Farrell. This is just as relevant in 2024 as it was when you interviewed him in 2019.

Thank you for everything that you've done