Aug 16th, 2023 | In the News

HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT DONALD TRUMP & COMPANY'S 41-COUNT GEORGIA INDICTMENT? Unlike the phonies that populate talk radio (and many podcasts), Tom has been consistent on this topic since Day One. He has always believed that Trump is no more than a big-mouthed mobster and a small-time crook since Tom's days of living in New York City years ago. And what about his former radio colleagues who jumped right into the Trump soup eight years ago? And his former friends and acquaintances who got taken in?

The often startling numbers behind Trump’s indictment in Georgia



Submitted by Tatajemusic@sbc... on

He may know his detractors by only one nickname.
But the rest of the world (including me), know him by a great many other horrible expletives...
I call him "Dildo".
Because he literally knows nothing...
And he should've been at the Hague years ago for negligent genocide for the spread of the pandemic.

But of all charges, it's the RICO that is perfectly fitting for this lump of shit fascist...

Submitted by masterautotech on

you called it. many failed casino and real-estate deals rape lies covid yuck. brain washed uneducated low IQ Americans. this country is a mess. I'm sick of him and his supporters. I'm sick of hearing his name seeing the signs. I hope he goes to jail and his supporters go to jail. he is the worst thing to happen to this country. we may never be the same country again after this criminal. Its panful living in this time in American history world history its crazy so i cut all trump supporters out of my life as well. I have never felt better. TOM Thank You....

Submitted by EiJo on

This is a time I greatly miss your show I would LOVE to hear you go against the Trumptards on this.

Submitted by Julien C on

I support Trump You're emotional. Bad thing for a man. Block me and block the money I pay you. Bet your emotional ass won't do that.