Jan 31st, 2023 | Guest Interviews

TOM INTERVIEWS DAVID CROSBY IN 1991 The rock legend died recently. Here he is in studio with Tom 32 years ago!



Submitted by panc1974 on

Tom, Thanks for posting. I listened to the whole interview and loved it. This interview with David Crosby is an example of how great of a radio host you are. What makes you a great host is, not only asking engaging questions and follow on questions but have the guest comfortable so the two of you are having a conversation - which is what the audience loves. And doing your research about your guests helps as well. Even though that interview was over 30 years ago, a lot of what David Crosby is relevant today I’d love for you to post more old classic interviews and shows from your past. Keep it up. I love all of your podcast and I hope you do a few live shows once in a while. On a side note I love those live shows and podcasts where you, Dean & Gary are talking about crazy stories from your radio days. Keep it up. ~ Long time fan, John

Submitted by Daniel Klock on

Captivating interview that really highlighted the late Mr. Crosby's personality as well as hard-found humility. Amazing how little some things in the cultural firmament have changed in 30+ years, outside of the digital communication revolution and the wokesters' relentless march on academia and free speech; to say nothing of the rise of self-serving virtue signaling, demonizing of heterosexual maleness, tribalism, celebration of victim-hood et al ...