Dec 17th, 2021 | Leykis 101

WHAT TO DO WHEN A WOMAN "TESTS" YOU about "minor inconveniences". Or fidelity. Or ANYTHING.

From Reddit: Am I the asshole for calling my girlfriend inconsiderate for the way she 'tested' me ?



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Wow, what a fucked up story, but I have one that tops that! Had a girl who decided to test me by saying she used my credit card to buy something. I immediately cancelled all my cards before anything else could happen. However, after researching things, it turns out she used her own credit card to buy it, so I was confused as to why this happened! I confronted her on why she was trying to test me, and the bitch said she wanted to "see how I would react". I dumped her ass the next day! Turns out my instincts were right because I later found out she was on parole and later landed in jail...for the second time! She begged me for help but I ignored the plea and let her rot! It's all thanks to you since you always said to put yourself first and don't do anything for these bitches. Thank you for that advice, Tom!

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This guy is a Simp. He needs to grow a pair. Women can see this guy coming a mile away.

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Psychological manipulation techniques like the one the woman in this reddit thread used can be likened to tic-tac-toe. Except in this kind of game, the manipulator places their subject in the center square...after planting land mines in the remaining eight spaces. If the subject suspects a trick or refuses to cooperate as a form of protest, the manipulator will float a combat drone over the grid and destroy the subject from above. Granted, there aren't always eight alternatives to a given option; the goal is to wait for the subject to make a decision, countermaneuver their action, and gain an advantage and/or control in a particular situation, much like a judo match. Here are a few examples of how these countermeasures can be used:

Example 1 - The Dishes

1: "Did you unload the dishwasher like I asked you to?"
2: "No."
1: "Goddammit! How many times do I have to tell you to do something? That's just great. You're sleeping on the back porch tonight. I guess I have to fucking do everything around here. MOVE!"


1: "Did you unload the dishwasher like I asked you to?"
2: "Yes."
1: "Did you unload the top/bottom rack first?"
2: "What difference does it -- "
1: "Did. You. Unload. The top/bottom rack FIRST."
2: "No. I started with the -- "
1: "Goddammit! Are you on drugs or are you just fucking retarded? Everybody knows you unload the top/bottom rack first. What's the matter with you? Didn't your mother teach you how to wash dishes
when you were a kid? You know what? That's it. You're sleeping on the back porch tonight."

Example 2 - The Light Switch

1: "Did I say you could turn off that light?"
2: "You left the room."
1: "Unless I tell you to shut off a light, you fucking leave it on. Got it? Christ, you're an idiot! Just for that, you're on alcohol restriction. Go pour your bourbon down the drain. NOW."


1: "Why did you leave that light on?"
2: "I was on my way back to the kitchen."
1: "Don't you know to turn a light off when you leave a room empty?"
2: "You don't pay the electric bill."
1: "You shut the fuck up! I decide what lights get left on and shut off around here. Got it? In fact, that counts as a penalty. Go pour your bourbon down the drain. NOW."

Example 3 - Lemons

1: "You only bought four lemons?!"
2: "You said to get some lemons at the -- "
1: "Yeah. Some as in more than four. What the fuck am I supposed to do with only four lemons, you idiot?"
2: "You could've told me specifically how many lemons to -- "
1: "JESUS FUCKING CHRIST! WHY DO I HAVE TO POINT OUT THE OBVIOUS! You know what? Never mind. I'll just use these now and get more later. I guess if you want anything done right around here, you have to fucking do it yourself. MOVE! And by the way, you're done with music. If you don't get that goddamn guitar out of my house by tomorrow, I swear to Christ, I am lighting it on fire. Do you understand me?"


1: "Why the hell did you buy so many lemons?"
2: "You said you needed some lemons."
1: "Yeah. Some. Not a whole goddamn sack. What am I supposed to do with all these, anyway?"
2: "I'll use some, too."
1: "'I'll use some, too.' Don't be an idiot. Lemons only last a couple of days before they go bad.
Don't you know that?"
2: "You could've told me specifically how many lemons to -- "
1: "You know what? Forget it. You can shove those fucking lemons up your ass for all I care.
Next time, I'll just buy the lemons myself -- and then you pay me double for the inconvenience. Christ almighty! You really can't be trusted with anything, can you? Just for that, you are officially in the penalty box. Do not touch me, do not talk to me, and do not fucking look at me until you decide to act like you have some class. MOVE, CUCK!"

I could go on with examples of casting roulette in show business (read: "One of the parts has already been cast. Don't ruin your chances by asking which one. By the way, you can only read for one role, so you'd better choose wisely."), but I don't want to get too far off-topic. Just as it is important to recognize logical fallacies, it is just as vital to be on the lookout for danger signs like the kind the woman in the reddit thread presented. Avoiding them can mean saving yourself from an avalanche of distress. Thank you for another engaging episode, Tom.