Oct 19th, 2021 | Health and Lifestyle

WAYS WE'RE TRICKED INTO THINKING WE'RE EATING HEALTHIER America has the best advertising and marketing in the world. Much of it is designed to make us feel deficient in some way with advertised products serving as the solutions we didn't know we needed. How is this done? Tom fills you in.

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Submitted by LeykisStreet on

Tom, this is some of your best content. You can't get rich or get laid without your health, so it's very important. Please keep it up. You'd be surprised how many listeners enjoy the health & lifestyle episodes

Submitted by carloca68 on

A couple of years ago a new chain popped in Australia marketing healthy burgers or whatever...
A client of mine invited me for a lunch at one of those places and I noticed the burger was heavy on salt, sugar and fat, including the bread, my body felt it too, bad stomach. As you probably noted once you start to avoid that s... your body starts to reject it, can't eat my mother's food too, too much salt and bad fat, overcooked.
Surprise surprise a few months later a local university decided to test the food and found out it was worse than a Big Mac in relation to salt, sugar, sodium, saturated fat, etc etc etc
People just believe on marketing, really stupid...