Tom Talks

Tom Talks

SERENA WILLIAMS LOSES AGAIN! WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO YOU? A lot! What can you learn from Serena's recent professional failure after so much success? What should you change about yourself to make sure something like this doesn't happen to you? Listen as Tom fills you in.

Read about the former AOL executive who retired at 52 and then realized what he had done wrong!

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WHAT A FILM! Tom doesn't claim to be a film critic, but he saw an amazing film that blew him away and he was so excited about it, he just had to tell you about it!

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HOW (AND WHY ) TO DECIDE WHICH FAMILY MEMBERS REALLY MATTER From Daytona Beach, FL, as Tom continues his Florida trip, he's had days on the beach to ruminate about family: the family who love us and the family who take us for granted and guilt trip us. ALSO, hear a special revelation about Tom's own life you've never heard before!

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ARE YOU A SLAVE? To your boss? To a girlfriend? To your wife? To somebody else's kids? Today is the day to declare your emancipation! Listen and let Tom show you how you're enslaved and how to become free! Starting right now!

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JUMPING INTO THE QUICKSAND We all know people sometimes who are in deep trouble. Friends, relatives, even our parents. Is it a good idea to jump in and help? Usually, no.

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THANK YOU FOR ASKING! As regular listeners know, Tom wants nothing to do with pregnancies! But there is one pregnancy he'll happily tolerate.

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EPISODE 100 Tom didn't think it would last this long or that people would want it this much, but almost eight months to the day of the end of the live stream, here we are at 100 episodes of our podcast! Hear how we got here, what we do differently today, and what we're working on next!

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TOM'S FATHER'S DAY POSTMORTEM How was your Father's Day? Often a loaded question because the answer isn't always so obvious! Hear all about the conflicted relationship Tom had with his dad and how it affected his life as an adult. The result is Tom's relationship with his audience as The Dad You Never Had!

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ANOTHER YOUTUBER HAS HIS BUSINESS TAKEN AWAY Why is our podcast behind a paywall? This incident is a perfect example of why we can't make our content freely available to all, supported by national advertisers. In this episode, Tom tells you how social media tattletales, feminist whiners, Millennial emos and Wall Street combine to strangle free expression in the world of social media. Speaking of free expression, in this episode, we also invited our followers to call in and say absolutely whatever they wanted. Those who don't like it can't hear it and therefore can't complain about it and try to get our content taken down. But you can hear it by clicking below!

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IS TOM A MISOGYNIST? No, he says! Quite the contrary! Find out how Tom doesn't hate women, doesn't advocate abuse of any kind, and how in the #MeToo era, the ladies love to say that Tom is a woman-hater. But Tom says he's actually a feminist! Find out why!

Here's the Twitter thread that started this whole conversation.

Here's the profile to which Tom refers in which the Los Angeles Times asked if he's a misogynist.

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