May 2nd, 2024 | Tom Talks

TOM ANSWERS A GREAT LISTENER QUESTION FROM FACEBOOK super personal and his answer is super honest. A super-sized episode. One of Tom's best podcasts ever.



Submitted by Tomluver on

Hello Tom,

I know you're looking to tie up loose ends so I dug deep to give you several content ideas. I doubt you'll be willing or able to answer all of these questions, but perhaps some of them will be helpful to you.

You’ll never spend all your money. What will you do with the balance?
Where are they now?: All the major players from the call-in days (Foco Liz, Alex from Norwalk, Suleyman, Waden, Rodney, the “Be Funny” regulars etc)
Where are they now?: The 4 MTLs
Who is on your enemies list currently? Especially people you’ve been vague about in the past.
What were your 3 best and worst moments in radio?
Where you are with your various family members?
Will your mind change on love and marriage at this age? What would make that happen?
Why won’t you let people repost your content? If there’s no more money to be made on it and you’re effectively retiring, why not just let your message out there? What value is there in keeping it hidden?
What will a day in your life look like going forward?
What are some of your regrets from your career or personal life?
Is there anything from your life that has been worth more to you than all of the money you have made?
What fears do you have going forward?
What was the full story of whatever happened with Art Webb?
What was the full story of whatever happened with Adam Sacks?
Have any of your landmark philosophies changed in these last few years of introspection?
Do you have any farewell messages to send to lovers, haters, past colleagues, past companies, past bosses, long time listeners, people who made an impact in your life, friends, family, exes, etc.?

Submitted by panc1974 on

Those are great questions

Submitted by masterautotech on

first time long time. great episode going to miss ya man.

Submitted by Mcdsprinkle@out... on

My pops passedfeom a heart attack as well, when he was only 50 i was in in my very early 20s maybe even 19 or so, anyway wish i can subscribe what if we pay bit more like 15 or 20;)

Submitted by dude_lmao on

Tom is never going to drop the mic and disappear. I suspect that what hes going to do is make a travelogue podcast series.

Submitted by ThrillerChiller6996 on

If this is indeed the last day thank you for all the advice we were never told in our youths, especially in my case the money advice. I can personally go without girls for a while, but I gotta get that green! We will all miss you but will pass down your wisdom to generations to come. Rock on dad we never had!

Submitted by MR404 on

Tom, I first discovered you back in 2006 and have been a listener ever since. Thanks for all the years of great content. I'm at a loss for words but I just wanted to say that I appreciate your work and will miss you. You worked hard and put yourself in a position where you could have the kind of life you want, and this has inspired me to attempt to do the same. I know you will continue to travel and enjoy life. You earned it and deserve it. Take care and all the best to you!

Submitted by riddle858 on

I was hoping that you would answer the first questions by Tomluver. Where is the book on 101? Who was the guy you could not tell us the name until he died? Who was the porn star you dated that killed herself? The truth behind Hugh Hefner? There are so many questions, I can not remember them all. It was a great ride and you will me missed.

Thank you for the memories.

Submitted by Drago on

Tom, I've been a subscriber of your livestream since the beginning in 2012 and a listener since you were syndicated in Chicago in the mid 2000s. There were some great radio hosts in Chicago in radio's heyday (Steve Dahl, Gary Meier, Mancow Muller, Mike North, Jay Marvin, the list goes on and on) and you outshined them all. It's truly an end of an era. Enjoy your well-deserved retirement. .

Here are a couple of questions:

Do you have any regrets?
Would you change anything if you could do it all over again?

Thanks again!

Submitted by rushfanyyz on

Thatbsays it all. You're one of a kind, and in a world where we have fewer and fewer regular guys we will surely miss you Tom. In addition to the normal things I will also greatly miss your takes on trump with this upcoming election. You are mainly how I got through the last time and his term in office. Thank you Tom.