Feb 20th, 2024 | Tom Talks

SHOULD HOTELS CATER TO THE FATTEST AMONG US? That's what this delusional Tiktoker thinks! Watch this video and then hear what Tom has to say about it!



Submitted by masterautotech on

I agree with you tom. The Answer is no. we have really lost our way as a society with the way things are. she needs to lose weight and get healthy before she dies. could you image this lady getting covid. would she live or would she drop dead.

Submitted by cpk on

I highly doubt that this lady has ever owned and or operated a business that involves brick and mortar. These kinds of structural changes are very difficult to make and costly and disruptive to the other guests! She acts like you can waive a magic wand and it's done. She probably doesn't know how hard it is to even get construction guys to your place of business!
And, of course, the main topic that Tom brings up is, should I have to accommodate someone else's addiction? this is like saying every room should come equipped with complimentary syringes and spoons for opiate addicts. Get some help! Go to Houston and see Dr. Now!