Nov 23rd, 2023 | Tom Talks

TOM'S INFAMOUS, DISASTROUS FIRST "ORPHAN THANKSGIVING"  let Tom take you back in time to when he was 23, to when his dad stopped talking to him and to when he came up with the idea of a holiday dinner without the hassles of an actual family. It did not end well.


<-----This is where it happened: in a rent-controlled building on the second floor of 216 West 89th Street, at the corner of Broadway, on New York's Upper West Side.






This looks exactly like the ancient apartment-style gas stove in which Tom made the turkey and into which everyone at his first Orphan Thanksgiving started to stick their grubby hands. ---------------------------------------->





NUMBER ONE QUESTION EVERYONE ASKS ME THANKSGIVING WEEK: Hey Tom! How do you make those sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving?



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from your friendly neighbourhood canadian

michael kulyk

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...I'd wish you the same, but didn't you Canadians already HAVE Thanksgiving?




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Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!



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Great to hear the original Thanksgiving story. Every year hearing the Thanksgiving stories and the Xmas special has always been a favorite of mine. Thanks Tom.

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Glad you enjoyed it. Tell a friend!



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I really want to tell you that I feel bad for you Tom but this story was great and friggin funny so thank you for sharing that awful experience. It would not have been possible if that woman was not present. This was definitely worth the price of admission.

(dare-all checks his bank balance to continue being P1)

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Fabulous story Fabulous, just Fabulous. Keep them coming Father.Enjoy your day.

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Tom, I laughed too hard at that story. I won't go into the highlights so listeners will hear it fresh, but it was one hell of a story.

I understand where you're coming from. I left home before turning 21 mostly because of my contentious relationship with my dad. Not that families are identical, but our adversarial stance seems similar to what I've heard you talk about on the show.

Now I'm much older but I had to make a tough decision this year.

It was one more argument with my dad, one more thing that I couldn't let pass. He has a history of gaslighting and manipulating me (using guilt-trips and whatever he can) to get me to do things. I've resisted that over the years as time has gone on, and at one point maybe I was going to let it all slide -- but this one was a bridge crossed that I couldn't ignore.

(It involved my former sister, who was a closet junkie -- and yeah, they are as bad as you say, including their friends. I'm more mad at her passing than anything else -- but that's another story.)

So I told him I'm not going to sit there at the table and share turkey with him today. I made plans, going to meet up with a friend and we're going to have a damn good meal at a high-end steakhouse.

Later, I'm going to a party where more of my friends will be. I've had a standing invitation and sometimes I've declined. Well, not this year. I'm going to be surrounded by people I like, eating and drinking to the wee hours of the night.

I'll lift a pint glass to you Tom, because you're absolutely right on the whole thing. You have to make your own path, and sometimes that means leaving the bad things behind.

Happy Thanksgiving, Tom.

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Hope you had a great holiday.



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Happy holidays tom!

Rent should be collected by the buildings in seattle by the 7th of December and the fbi should be getting me 21 restitution awards soon after.

I should be in LA by the end of the week once they get me restitution.

So happy to move to LA just like you did a long time ago. Already have a house picked out. My indictment should be national news... will need nose job, chin implant and a hair transplant.

Its going to be great! 21 awards.... makes me a billionaire.


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I can view my account, make changes, but can not play anything. My card is up to date.

Gobble. 11/22 511pm pst