Jul 14th, 2023 | Tom Talks

SHOULD THIS REDDITOR HAVE GIVEN UP HIS BUS SEAT TO A PREGNANT PASSENGER? This bus rider felt that he was entitled to that seat after a long, hard day at work. Was he?

AITA for not giving up my seat to a pregnant woman?



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Equality means everyone is uniform.

I was in a super market shopping in the food isle. I was asked by a random lady who was also shopping could I help her reach something very high on the shelf. I though for a second and said to her. if I was not here right now, what would you do to get the item that you want but can not reach from the shelf? and would you do the same for me? so I said to her no, I don't work here! go find a store associate to get it for you.

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This is unbelievable! Yes, he did right. The guy complaining to him is a little White Knight. I can't believe these people think we owe anything to complete strangers!
The worst thing is the family refused to back him up on this issue, that is so ridiculous! Why the crap was the sister crying over this? Looks like the poster needs to move out...